Out Today – Comment Notifications

Recently we gave you the ability to add Comments to your Excellentables. Even though Excellentable had the ability to add Comments, unfortunately you weren’t able to receive notifications when a Comment was added. Today that has changed!  New Comment When a new comment is added to your Excellentable, you will now receive an email letting […]

Out Today – Comments

The ability to add comments to your Excellentable is available to users in the most recent version of Excellentable as of today! The ability to add comments on a cell may not be the most exciting feature but it’s so useful. Excellentable users will soon be able to add comments, reply to comments, mention users, […]

Pivot tables in Confluence – Calculations

On today’s episode of Pivot Tables – What can they do for your Confluence?, we will be seeing how we can quickly summarise the values in Confluence For this scenario, In this example, I’m taking an order report for the year 2022-25. It has everything from name, address, UPS info, order date, etc. My manager wants […]

Pivot tables in Confluence – Reports on the fly

Welcome back to another riveting blog of Pivot Tables – What they can do for your Confluence! Today, we’re going to be talking about another use case for Pivot Tables. The first time we talked, we talked about how to take a large set of data and easily pull a count of orders per state […]

Pivot tables in Confluence – Summarize your data

What are Pivot Tables good for if you don’t know what they’re good for? Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be providing some use cases all related to pivot tables and how they can take large data and make it a lot more understandable.  For this first use case, I’d like to talk about […]

Excellentable Charts – Out Today!

Say hello to your new favorite feature in Excellentable! Charts for Excellentable are here! What are Charts? Charts, or Graphs depending on who you’re talking to, is a powerful tool that allows users to visually display data in a variety of formats. It is a visual representation of data from a worksheet that can bring […]

It’s Atlassian Marketplace’s Tenth Anniversary!

It’s Atlassian Marketplace’s Tenth Anniversary!! For their tenth anniversary, Atlassian donated $5 to the coding education organization Raspberry Pi Foundation for every app installed on May 31st. By being a part of that Marketplace, and being a Platinum Partner, we here at Addteq also joining in on the celebrations! For every purchase of Excellentable or Unstoppable on Friday, […]

Pivot Tables – Out Today!

Say Hello to Pivot Tables! Pivot Tables are now available to our users in the most recent version of Excellentable. I know it’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here! The addition of Pivot Tables is the first step in several feature updates coming in the near future. Here are just some of […]

Coming soon from Addteq…Confluence & Jira Accessible Training

One of the many requests we hear from our Unstoppable customers is if we’re able to train their users to use Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira. It’s a fair question as not all Unstoppable users have used Confluence or Jira before. When we started looking into available trainings for Confluence and Jira, we discovered the training […]

Coming Soon to Excellentable…Pivot Tables!

One of the biggest requests we’ve received from you all has been for the implementation of Pivot Tables into Excellentable. Well, we’ve toiled and we finally have something put together that We’re proud to finally introduce Pivot Tables to the Excellentable platform. What is a Pivot Table? A pivot table is a tool that every […]