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Comments notifications in Excellentable, Confluence excel app

Recently we gave you the ability to add Comments to your Excellentable, your favorite Confluence excel app. Even though Excellentable could add Comments, unfortunately, you weren’t able to receive notifications when a Comment was added. Today that has changed! 

New Comments

When a new comment is added to your Excellentable, you will now receive an email letting you know a new comment has been added to your Excellentable. Without this notification, you’d have to be checking all your Excellentables constantly. What a nice update! 

Who will receive the notification? 

  • Author of the Excellentable


Obviously, a comment thread doesn’t mean anything if you can’t reply to a comment thread and receive a notification letting you know. That’s why a notification letting you know someone has replied to your comment is always a nice thing to know! 

Who will receive the notification? 

  • Individuals in the comment thread


@ Mentions are always a handy feature when you want to pull someone into a comment thread, or let a specific user know something. But it’s kind of pointless without the notification letting the person know! Now they can. 

Who will receive the notification? 

  • Individual Mentioned

What’s in the future for excel in Confluence? 

We have an exciting roadmap for the future of Excellentable. We look forward to you getting access to several new features and improvements.

Try it now and let us know what you think of the feature. You can go through the documentation here.

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