Create, share & edit spreadsheets in Confluence.
The only Confluence spreadsheet app that supports collaborative editing & Pivot tables

Dynamic and Interactive Spreadsheets in Confluence

A collaborative and fully functional spreadsheet, that allows you to keep and edit the spreadsheets right inside Confluence artifact. 

Addteq created Excellentable to try to maximize Confluence’s potential to create dynamic spreadsheets without the need to export any pre-made tables. Now, users can create and edit spreadsheets easily without ever leaving Confluence..

Why Choose Excellentable

Save Time

Works just like Excel or Google Sheets. No need to retrain users.

Complete Spreadsheet Solution

Graphs, Pivot tables, validations, formatting and formulas in Confluence

Cloud Fortified

Enhanced Security and reliability checks for peace of mind.

Give Back

Through Pledge 1% we donate 1% of Excellentable profit to Room to Read

Some of our top customers:


Available for Atlassian Confluence Data Center & Cloud

Excellentable Features

Collaborative Editing

Global Confluence Settings

Graphs and Charts


Spreadsheet Search


Import .xlxs and .csv

Pivot Tables

Conditional Formatting


PDF/HTML Exports

Multi-language support

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What our customers say

The Excellentable Advantage

Keep data in Confluence

With Excellentable your data is kept with the Confluence artifact. No need to manage separate repository or create separate access control for the spreadsheets in the app, Excellentable and Confluence will handle your Confleunce spreadsheets

Plug and Play

Excellentable Confluence macro looks, feels and more importantly works similarly to Excel, Google Sheets, numbers or any other spreadsheet tool. You can import your existing .xlsx or .csv files and start working right away. .


Excellentable is built for Confluence. Apart from collaborative editing, Excellentable macro allows users to share views, create space/admin/personal level settings, see version history and have full view access for read-only Confluence mode.

Reporting in Confluence

Reporting in confluence has never been this easy. Excellentable allows you to create pivot tables, graphs, and charts or add conditional formatting to your sheet.

You can also export the your sheets as a PDF or an HTML file in addition to regular xlsx and csv files.