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Conceptualize, develop and market innovative solutions for global agile software development teams to provide simple, integrated and access-anywhere ways for software release management.

About Us

Addteq is Certified Atlassian Platinum partner and your DevOps & ALM partner with global presence. We offer end to end consulting ranging from cultural, process and technology side of DevOps. We at Addteq firmly believe that automation is essential for successful software releases. We center our products and services around this fundamentally unique approach to delivering complete software release management solutions. ADDTEQ specializes in software configuration, build automation, Infrastructure automation and release management.

  • Agile, DeveOps and ALM Experts.
  • Software configuration management specialists
  • Release Management Specialists
  • Agile Experts
  • Atlassian Experts

Who We Are?

Addteq specializes in software configuration, build automation and release management. At Addteq we firmly believe that automation is essential for successful software releases. We center our products and services around this fundamentally unique approach delivering complete software release management solutions. By utilizing our line of products in conjunction with Atlassian tools, we are confident that our customers will receive the optimal ecosystem of tools for their SCM needs.

Our experience in software configuration management has given us a deep understanding of the SCM process. With this understanding we are able establish the best practices and policies within your SCM infrastructure, allowing your development teams to deploy builds in less time, with less errors, and with less headaches.

What we do

We develop products that automate the software configuration management process from creation of a project to the build and deployment phases. Our approach stems from our firm belief that automation significantly reduces, the frequency of errors, confusion & complexity, and the time it takes to deploy builds.

Addteq has years of experience in building and releasing software. We have extensive knowledge in the designing and implementation of proper SCM practices. We can provide SCM and automation services that quickly and effectively help you design, establish, and implement an optimal SCM workflow to suit your specific organization and development team needs. We are confident our services will greatly reduce the time it takes to your team to successfully deploy builds.

Our services and products are centered around allowing users of our products to easily and quickly establish best practices, policies, and standard procedures within their software configuration management infrastructure.




Our Process


Getting to know one another

Addteq begins each project by holding an initial “kick off meeting” with a potential client.

During this phase Addteq’s main goal is to understand you, your business requirements, and where our services fit into the picture. Likewise, Addteq strives to provide a snapshot of its capabilities and how it will provide solutions for your organization.

Addteq is then able to provide you with a timeline and estimated cost to complete the project.

Demonstration (optional):

This phase of our process is focused around demonstrating Addteq’s capabilities and/ or portfolio. During this phase, deeper understandings of Addteq solutions and your requirements will arise through feedback and discussions.


Addteq builds partnerships on a mutually beneficial relationships. We continuously strive to build long lasting relationships that ultimately lead to mutual success. Below is a list of our current partners.

  • Atlassian is an up and coming superstar in the software development arena.

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  • Tempo brings painless time tracking, resource planning, and project management to Atlassian’s popular JIRA platform.

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  • ProtoShare is a web-based, collaborative tool for creating wireframes and interactive, high-fidelity prototypes of websites, web applications, and mobile apps.

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    Addteq has joined the Rackspace® Partner Network to provide you with a portfolio of Hybrid Cloud solutions.

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  • ScreenMail for JIRA lets you record the view of your desktop and audio from your microphone directly to Jira issues.

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  • brikit
    Brikit is a fellow Atlassian partner and expert in the branding and designing of Atlassian’s Confluence.

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  • cludbess
    CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform is powered by Jenkins, the world’s leading open source continuous integration tool.

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  • gliffy
    Create professional quality flowcharts, org charts, UML diagrams, network diagrams, wireframes, technical drawings, and more. Gliffy works directly in Confluence, or your browser of choice!.

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  • Using Balsamiq Mockups feels like drawing, but because it’s digital, you can tweak and rearrange easily.

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Tech Support

We’re here to help you!

Addteq is a Platinum certified Atlassian Expert with staff available around the clock to provide you with the best service possible.

Customers sleep well at night, knowing that in the event any issues should arise, a friendly and competent member of our team will be just a phone call or email away. Addteq’s central focus is on client satisfaction.

Currently Addteq offers three tiers of top notch customer support. We want to provide the level of service ideal for your business, given your objectives and requirements.


  • 5 incidents
  • 6 hour max response time
    (critical issues)
  • 24 hour max response time
    (non critical issues)
  • Online ticket summaries
  • Coverage: Mon- Fri
    9:00am – 6:00pm EST


  • 10 incidents
  • 4 hour max response time
    (critical issues)
  • 24 hour max response time
    (non critical issues)
  • Online ticket + telephone support
  • Coverage: Mon- Fri
    9:00am – 10:00pm EST


  • Unlimited incidents
  • 2 hour max response time
    (critical issues)
  • 24 hour max response time
    (non critical issues)
  • Online ticket + telephone support
  • 24×7 coverage

If you have any questions regarding our services or support details, please feel free to contact us.

Addteq Staffing Services

IT Staffing solutions

Our IT staffing services are flexible enough to match whatever your business needs may be.

Whether you are searching for temporary personnel to fill in for an allotted time to complete an IT project or are looking to fill a permanent IT position, we have consultants on hand that are experienced and familiar with a variety of different technologies and software.

Why Addteq Consultants?

  • Top talent
  • Background checked
  • Trained regularly
  • Periodic performance reviews

Staffing Services We Offer

  • Contract positions
  • Contract to Hire
  • Offsite Staff Augmentation


Super-Custom Turnkey Development Environments

Codefactori delivers super-custom development environments for software teams that know exactly what they want and won’t accept anything else. Combining Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service offerings into a truly bespoke solution that is hosted on our secure cloud servers.

As a development shop ourself, Addteq understands the need for tightly integrated development infrastructure that gives you the ability to release your code sooner, with fewer issues, so you can focus more on coding and less on managing your infrastructure.

Featuring Security, Flexibilty & Reliability


A hosted and managed software development solution.

We want software teams to be free of the restrictions, outages and other obstacles that stifle productivity and innovation. With a fully managed and hosted customizable software environment, software teams will be able to work the way they want to, not the way their tools allow them to. And with Build and Release experts, Addteq by their side, software teams will gain critical insights and advise on optimizing their release process.

  • Enterprise grade security
  • Completely Customizable & Security
  • 99% uptime
  • Migration assistance
  • Routine Data Backups
  • Expert App Management
  • Reduce your software release times and time to market.
  • Leverage the “know how” of experienced software configuration managers.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Boost collaboration and innovation.
  • Eliminate overhead of managing tools and infrastructure



Pick from a wide range of custom modules for your specific needs.
Remember we can further customize them for you; just get in touch with our experts.
  • Agile Pack

    Perfect for teams just starting out with agile or for seasoned veterans looking for an intuitive solution to get started managing springs, creating backlogs, and tracking their team progress.

  • Collaboration Pack

    The collaboration pack is perfect software teams or even non-technical teams looking to simply get started collaborating on projects, documents, or anything else!

  • JIRA Only

    JIRA Managed hosting at Codefactori is perfect for teams who need flexibility and power of JIRA customizations without getting into hassles of managing infrastructure and configurations.

  • Confluence Only

    Confluence Managed hosting at Codefactori is perfect for teams who need flexibility and power of confluence collaboration and document management features without getting into hassles of managing infrastructure and configurations.

Other Featured Products


Ramesh Amadoru, System Configuration Analyst

"Finding the right career path after finishing my studies was difficult. A company that not only allowed me to refine the skills I learned in college, but also encourage growth in my desired career path was rare. When I first began working at Addteq I realized that the knowledge I had gained while attaining my computer science degree would be out use as a software configuration manager. Furthermore, with the guidance and education given to me from Addteq, I knew I would also grow and mature as a professional in my field. I have not stopped learning and growing at Addteq, and I am grateful for my opportunity I have been extended here. I would recommend working at Addteq to anyone who is looking to advance in their career."

Darly Senecal-Baptiste, JIRA Workflow Guru

"Working with Addteq gives me a lot of insights in terms of computing practices. This company does not only give me a project to work, but also to learn stuffs: technology, culture, people, etc ... During my journey with Addteq, I have been learning by working on Configuration Management tools, and designing project management policies by designing JIRA Workflows in order to simplify and fulfill clients organizational needs."

Deepika Nirmal

“ADDTEQ is growing, not only organically but also intelligently.” I totally love working here! The positive atmosphere is noticeable at all levels and the involvement of the Owners, Supervisors, and Human Resources makes it more likeable. This company values hard work, a can-do spirit, a positive attitude and hands-on management. Addteq provides a strong, stable opportunity for professional development while supplying all of the tools necessary for success. The training program is very comprehensive and second to none. The support system from the supervisors and colleagues is great and it is highly appreciable that they give us the freedom and autonomy to be successful. Recognition is given when it is deserved and help is offered when needed. There is certainly a rare energy from the top down and a synergy that crosses the company laterally. These core values coupled with Addteq’s success, makes this the perfect place to work!

Yuan Lin

Addteq is a professional, friendly and passionate growing company. The founder and president Sukhbir is a very smart, visionary and charming leader, with the support from the team he built, I believe the company is on right track, which will bring more and more brillient ideas and products to the market. For me it's a wonderful oppertunity to work for the company, to learn and to perfect my skills. And I'm glad I'm part of the company, that I can contribute to the growth of it.