Industrial Laminate Manufacturer Migrates Jira and Confluence Server to the Atlassian Cloud

Addteq Services recently had the opportunity to assist a manufacturer of industrial laminates with their Server to Cloud migration of Jira and Confluence.   The Situation The core objectives of this project were to: Migrate Jira and Confluence from Server to Cloud Implement an alternative to WorklogPro, which has no Cloud version The customer attempted to migrate to […]

Migrating Jira Filters and Agile Boards to the Atlassian Cloud

We showed you how to migrate your Jira dashboards to the Atlassian Cloud in May. It is now November of 2022 – we might sound like a broken record, but time is running out for the Atlassian server suite, and for most organizations, the Atlassian cloud is the ideal destination. The Atlassian Cloud offers many benefits, including increased […]

Biotechnology Engineering Firm Migrates from HP ALM to Jira

Addteq Services recently had an opportunity to assist a biotechnology engineering firm in migrating defects from HP ALM to Jira. HP ALM software is designed to manage the various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from requirements gathering to testing. Micro Focus acquired HP Quality Center/ALM at some point. However, this particular instance pre-dated […]

The Need for Governance in Atlassian Tools

Jira and Confluence are fantastic productivity tools – they are open-ended and endlessly flexible, allowing you to build task tracking and documentation repositories that align with your business processes. However, with increased flexibility comes an increased risk of clutter. Too many projects, spaces, custom fields, page templates, integrations, workflows, and so much more can clutter […]

Data analytics provider merges multiple Jira instances into a single Enterprise instance

Addteq recently had the opportunity to assist a customer with migrating Jira projects and Confluence spaces from several business unit instances into their single Enterprise instance. The customer is a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, energy and specialized markets, and financial services. This post details the work performed to migrate Jira projects to their […]

How Addteq Can Help You Get Started in the Atlassian Cloud

Stop me if you’ve heard this before – project management tools help teams across the organization plan, manage, and optimize resources across an organization so that work can get done effectively and efficiently.  IT and Software teams need development tools that allow them to develop, test, review, and manage their code.  Help desk software enables […]

What can my organization do if it is not ready to migrate to the Atlassian Cloud?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it –  time is running out for Atlassian server products. Atlassian will terminate all support for its server products on February 2, 2024.  That date seemed so far off at one point, but we’re nearing the end of Q3 of 2022, and the clock is ticking. Any organizations still using […]

Steps You Can Take to Reduce the Time Spent Migrating to the Atlassian Cloud

If you’ve been reading our blogs or just keeping up with Atlassian news, it should be no surprise that time is running out for Atlassian server products. Nearly two years ago, Atlassian announced it planned to terminate support for all of its server products on February 2, 2024 – that’s right around the corner! Customers who […]