What’s new in Excellentable – Free Cloud Tier

Addteq, the creators of your favorite spreadsheet app, have entered a new phase of growth. Starting today, Addteq will focus on the its marketplace products while Valiantys will acquire the consulting arm of Addteq.

This will allow Addteq to focus on its product line including Unstoppable and Excellentable

How does it impact the current Addteq products?

It will renew our focus on our premier products Excelllentable and Unstoppable. You should see a lot more features in the upcoming months including


  • Improved graphs in confluence

  • Updated pivot tables

  • Updated language settings

  • Formulas in non-English languages

  • and many more improvements


  • Improved/Auto-generated image alt text in Jira

  • Improved alt-text in confluence

We are also launching a completely new – free Confluence product, which should be available in the marketplace around Christmas.

Excellentable free cloud tier

We are also pleased to announce the free cloud tier for the Excellentable app. Teams on the Confluence cloud with up to 10 users can use Excellentable for free. Confluence free tier users (limited to 10 users) can also get in use Excellentable for free.

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