From Adversity to Growth: Sonali’s Journey of Healing and Professional Success with Addteq

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Last year, life took an unexpected turn for me. This year i have overcome my previous challenges and with Addteq’s work from home, grown profesionally as well. This blog details my one year journey

On my way to my office in Gurugram, I met with a major accident that left me with multiple fractures and a broken jaw. The severity of my injuries was so great that  I couldn’t speak for a month, had to undergo surgery, and required complete bed rest for at least three months. This traumatic event not only affected my physical health but also disrupted my work life significantly, as my previous organization did not offer the privilege of working from home. However, they considered me an exception and tried supporting me with a month of remote working opportunity, but I also faced multiple challenges.

The Struggles Post-Accident

The aftermath of the accident was a challenging phase for me. Since the doctors had recommended bed rest, I faced immense physical pain and emotional stress. Even though I had been working remotely, I didn’t fit the culture as the organization was not built around remote work.

I was disconnected from my professional responsibilities as I was not involved in any meetings and decisions taken for the team, which added to my anxiety. The lack of flexibility in my previous job made me feel isolated and unproductive, compounding my struggles during recovery.

A New Beginning with Addteq

Amid my recovery, I began searching for new opportunities that could accommodate my need for flexibility and remote working. Then, I discovered Addteq, a company known for its supportive work culture and robust remote working infrastructure. My decision to join Addteq marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Healing in Addteq’s Work from Home culture

Addteq’s Flexible Culture

Addteq provided me with the flexibility and understanding I desperately needed post-accident. The company’s remote working policies allow me to work from the comfort of my home. This eliminates the stress of commuting and enabling me to focus on my recovery.

This flexibility was crucial in managing my health needs, as I could attend medical appointments and physical therapy sessions without the fear of losing my job or falling behind in my responsibilities.

Choose your work shifts.

Apart from Addteq’s work from home policy, I can also choose my shifts, which was immensely beneficial. After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Slip Disc following an accident, I had limited mobility. Flexible work hours allowed me to take necessary breaks and start late on painful days without salary cuts.

Despite offering remote work, my previous job was challenging because the team worked in the office. This led to poor coordination and exclusion from major decisions. This caused anxiety about job security and constant pressure to return to the office. I had to work extra hours, often on weekends, to prove my productivity.

At Addteq, I just need to make my calendar open for meetings and finish my assigned Jira tickets on time. Addteq uses Agile methodology even in HR to streamline processes and run the organization smoothly.

Work-Life balance proved 100%

At Addteq, I’ve received unwavering support, especially from my manager, who ensures I work comfortably. I can rest as needed without fearing job loss due to remote work, making my position secure and stress-free. What the work-life balance means actually got proven for me in Addteq, where I could manage my work and recover mentally and physically from the accident trauma smoothly, without any additional stress.

Professional Growth Amidst Recovery

At Addteq, I found a supportive team and a wealth of opportunities for professional growth. The company’s inclusive culture and emphasis on employee well-being helped me regain my confidence and purpose.

I could work at my own pace, gradually increasing my workload as my health improved. This adaptability ensured I could contribute effectively to my team while prioritizing my recovery. I no longer have to worry about hospital bills because the insurance provided by Addteq covers everything. Addteq employees can take breaks or leave as needed, and this allows me to care for my family and fully concentrate on my work.

I enjoy working here and have had an incredible journey so far. I’ve taken on many additional responsibilities beyond my role. In the past six months, I’ve grown more professionally than I did the entire previous year.

Achievements and Aspirations

My journey with Addteq has been one of resilience and triumph. Despite the initial setbacks, I have managed to recover and thrive professionally. My ability to balance work and health needs has led to significant achievements, earning recognition and respect within the organization. The support from my colleagues and the flexibility of remote work have played a pivotal role in my healing process.

Reflections on the Journey

Looking back, I am grateful for the chance to work with Addteq. The transition from my previous organization to Addteq has been life-changing, providing me with the necessary tools and environment to heal and grow. My experience emphasizes the importance of supportive work environments, especially for employees facing personal challenges.


My story is a testament to the power of resilience and the impact of a supportive work environment. With Addteq’s work from home, I found the perfect blend of professional opportunities and personal support, allowing me to navigate the complexities of recovery while continuing to advance my career. My journey from adversity to growth inspires you all, highlighting that overcoming even the most demanding challenges with the proper support and determination is possible. Here’s a picture of me taking a work call while enjoying a Shikara ride in Kashmir with my work after my full recovery. 

Learn more about our company and have a look at the learn more about us here

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