Migrate Your Excellentable Content to the Cloud with a Single Click!

As Atlassian continues to focus on becoming a cloud-first organization, many customers that use Atlassian tools on-premises are seriously considering a future home in the Atlassian Cloud. Migrating to the Atlassian Cloud offers many benefits, including increased agility, improved flexibility, robust security, and reduced hosting and maintenance costs. The Atlassian Cloud is always up to date. It has been built for scale, ensuring the same level of service is provided to all customers, from the smallest startups to the largest enterprise organizations. These benefits make the Atlassian Cloud the perfect destination for just about everyone. With that said… migrating to the Cloud is a time-consuming, complex, and in many ways, arduous process, with no single path for all to follow.

The best approach for you will depend on your particular migration requirements. Some factors include the number of users that will need to be migrated, marketplace apps, integrations, and customizations. An assessment of your applications and customizations may be the most critical step in planning a migration to the Cloud. Apps and data aren’t guaranteed to be automatically migrated when you move from server to cloud. To migrate your app data, you’ll often need to work with the app vendor to ensure your data is migrated correctly. This can be true even when migrating apps created by Atlassian, such as Team Calendars and Questions for Confluence. This is why we’ve introduced the Excellentable Export/Import functionality.

Migrating Excellentable Data

Excellentable’s migration tool allows a Confluence administrator to export and then import their Excellentable data from their entire source instance to a target instance after migrating their Confluence data. And just like that, what could have been a complex, gut-wrenching process has been simplified to a few clicks! So how can YOU do it?

Before you begin…

Some things need to be in place before you can begin.

• You must be logged in as a Confluence Administrator 
• Your Confluence instance must have Spaces
• The Excellentable UUID Migration needs to have been performed and completed – this will standardize and future-proof the unique identifiers for each Excellentable macro. 
• The migration of your Confluence content is complete.

Migrating Your Excellentable Content

Let’s assume you are migrating from either Confluence Server or Data Center to the Atlassian Cloud. As mentioned earlier, you will need to have migrated all of your spaces and pages first. Once this is done, you can begin migrating your Excellentable content by following the instructions here. In short…

…you’ll create an export zip from the source and import in on your target instance – AND YOU’RE DONE! How easy was that?

Are You Migrating to the Atlassian Cloud?

Cloud migration isn’t as simple as moving data or applications to the cloud. To be successful, you need to thoroughly assess existing workloads and processes, involve your key stakeholders, and explore all of your cloud options. You’ll need to plan your strategy, review security, compliance, and support aspects, back up data, and train users on new and improved features. This is a significant undertaking, and to guarantee success, you need to work with an experienced partner who will be with you every step of the way on your migration journey.

With over 15 years of experience providing custom solutions to a wide variety of customers, Addteq is here as your Cloud Migration Partner. We have performed many migrations spanning organizations of all sizes, from small, independent businesses to enterprise-level organizations. We have successfully migrated over 500 thousand Atlassian and DevOps users across on-premise and cloud environments.   As your Cloud Migration Partner, we will work closely with you and your teams to assess your current environment, recommend a migration strategy, build and execute a migration plan, and provide support once you have transitioned to the Cloud. If a custom solution is required, we can create one that meets your needs.

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, Addteq has the industry knowledge and technical experience to work with the full suite of Atlassian products and the vast library of applications these products connect to. We provide a range of accredited Atlassian consulting, migration, and training services, along with integrations and customizations to organizations across all industries. Our advanced knowledge of Atlassian Cloud products, including product configuration expertise, customized solutions, and implementation services, enables us to power innovation for organizations making the most of the Atlassian Cloud.

Our large pool of Atlassian SMEs build partnerships based on mutually beneficial relationships. By investing time, implementing the right resources, and focusing on open communication, our Atlassian experts have what it takes to provide solutions that best fit the needs of your business, regardless of size or type. We’ve been there, and we’ve done this – and we’d love the opportunity to help with your migration.

Need help?

Addteq will provide a FREE Migration Readiness Assessment to determine your current setup and specialized situations. This will include license & app assessment, migration steps, major blockers, and much more.

This assessment will help you answer:

  1. Which hosting option is better for us, Cloud or Data Center?
  2. If Cloud, which service tier should we choose – Standard/Premium or Enterprise?
  3. If Data Center, should we use multi or single node?
  4. What about apps?
  5. How can we maintain GDPR or other forms of compliance?
  6. Should we stick with our Server instance until the end of support in 2024?

Check out our four levels of cloud maturity infographic to help get you started. We are here to help answer any questions you may have. Just let us know how we can support you.

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