How Addteq Migrates Codefactori Customers from Server to Data Center in the Blink of an Eye!

In the modern DevOps world, you’ll have a tough time finding anyone who hasn’t at least heard of Jira.  Jira and the rest of the Atlassian tool suite are ubiquitous, having been adopted by DevOps teams and other offices worldwide – and for a good reason. Atlassian has created the best of the best and consistently delivers the results organizations need to grow and thrive.   Today, given that Atlassian will terminate support for its Server products in 2024, many organizations choose to start in or move to Atlassian Cloud products. The Atlassian Cloud offers a fully hosted & managed infrastructure, automatic updates, and robust security, all with no hosting or maintenance overhead.   However, some customers must comply with regulatory standards that the Atlassian Cloud does not yet meet, and others may need to retain data in a self-managed environment.   These customers use Atlassian Data Center, which delivers the highest levels of availability and performance organizations need to handle the growth of their business. Since it uses active-active clustering, it ensures that traffic is automatically redirected to an active server without hampering the business operation if one server in the cluster goes down. In addition to this, Atlassian Data Center delivers unmatched compliance capabilities, multi-node environment options, disaster recovery options, security features, and more – empowering organizations to enjoy decent levels of flexibility, availability, and security. 

The problem many Data Center customers face is hosting – being an on-premises solution, customers must host Atlassian’s Data Center products on their infrastructure or find a cloud provider to host their tools. That is where Addteq’s Codefactori comes in. 

But what is Codefactori?

Codefactori is a complete solution for software development teams, offering a hosted and managed software development solution centered around your Atlassian and other DevOps tool. Codefactori, coupled with Addteq’s professional services, provides the best features of the Atlassian Cloud – a hosted, maintenance-free platform in which all updates and patches are managed by Addteq – while allowing customers to reap all of the benefits of the Atlassian Data Center. With Codefactori, your teams can focus solely on delivering value while experts fully manage the rest. Codefactori takes away most effort in addressing the underlying infrastructure with single-tenant hosting architecture. Our data centers are SOC 2 Type-II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS compliant. Seamless toolchain integration allows for faster delivery of positive business outcomes. Managed by experts, Codefactori provides enterprise-grade security and is designed to ensure your data’s highest level of protection. All communications between you and Codefactori are conducted via SSL. All applications running on Codefactori are kept up to date with the latest security patches and long-term support releases. Applications running on Codefactori are monitored 24/7. Backups are taken every 30 minutes and stored in a separate geographical location with full encryption. Codefactori has 99.95% uptime with 30 min RPO and 2 hours RTO.

So, about Data Center…

However, not everyone uses Atlassian Data Center tools, even those who have their products hosted in Codefactor. Many customers who require a self-hosted solution are still using Atlassian Server products for many years, long before the Atlassian Cloud was even conceived. These customers now find themselves in a bind, many scrambling to plan migrations before the end of Server support in 202. Data migration of any kind is a significant undertaking. To guarantee success, you need to work with an experienced partner who will be with you every step of the way on your migration journey. Again, this is where Addteq is ready to step in see the migration process through, from start to finish.

It’s time to migrate to Atlassian Data Center. 

Although data migrations are complex operations, Codefactori customers will not need to lift a finger.   Our dedicated team of DevOps experts will see your migration through, from start to finish, in a matter of hours. First, our team leverages automation to provision your new environment: database, file system, server instances with Atlassian tools installed at the highest long-term support release, and load balancer. Your data will then be automatically migrated to the new pre-production environment. This data includes both the Atlassian application database and attachment repositor.

In most cases, Addteq can complete this process in three hours or less!   Once your environment is up, you will be provided access and perform user acceptance testing (UAT) and verify that all of your data and settings have been migrated successfully. After UAT, when you are ready to transition your environment to production, we automate a new data sync from your source instances to the target, which will now transition from pre-production to your new production environment.   To save time, we perform an incremental sync of attachments to only transfer new or modified files to your production environment.   The only step remaining would be to perform a final round of UAT before moving forward with your new production environment!

But what if you’re not yet a Codefactori customer, and you want to become one? Not to worry, Addteq will be there with you at every step in your migration journey.   In this case, it might just take a little longer for us to bring your instances on board. Once onboarded to Codefactori, you will be able to reap the benefits of our fully managed and supported private cloud environment!

Suppose we have complete access to your servers. In that case, we may still be able to leverage our automated solution to transfer your data and leverage incremental backups in a manner that is similar to what we do for our existing Codefactori customers. Please note that you must be using Linux servers connected to a Postgres database to do so.   If this is not the case, there is nothing to worry about.   Provide us with a backup of your database and a zipped archive of attachments, and we will handle the rest.   As you can imagine, this process is much more time and labor-intensive, but it in no way impacts our ability to see your migration through to completion.

After your migration

When we say Codefactori is a complete solution for software development teams, WE MEAN I   Addteq wants you to be free of restrictions, outages, and other obstacles that stifle productivity and innovation. Codefactori, coupled with Addteq’s DevOps professional services, provides you with dedicated infrastructure and administrative support.   Our support team is responsible for managing technical service requests for implementation post-implementation product issues and providing assistance with any issues you face related to data integrity.   Our services offered include:

  • Technical support assistance
  • Aligning activity tickets as per SLA
  • Provisioning Infrastructure Configurations 
  • Installation of Applications
  • Creating backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring of instances
  • Platform migrations 
  • Environment upgrades and patches 
  • Performance & trend analysis
  • Troubleshooting applications and hosted infrastructure

Atlassian Data Center + Codefactori – The Best of Both Worlds

The combination of Atlassian Data Center and Codefactori gives organizations all the benefits of the Cloud while also offering the capability of managing complex projects at scale. The assurance of reliability, performance, security, and compliance benefits are hard to ignore. The ability to customize the tool ecosystem the flexibility to use cloud or data center capabilities according to the project’s needs provide unprecedented flexibility like organizations have never seen before.

Addteq’s expertise as Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners, coupled with our DevOps expertise, will ensure your success. We understand that DevOps is not a product but a potent combination of processes, tools, and people. And to make this shift easier, we assist in the integration, migration, and implementation of the entire Atlassian tools. Our managed services repertoire is exhaustive and helps determine where organizations stand and start their workflow configuration and automation journey. 

By combining the power of Atlassian Data Center products with the power of Codefactori’s managed environment, you get the best of both worlds, without compromise.

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