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Customers today are in the driver’s seat of the purchasing process. But, the journey doesn’t end here. They use the same platform for continued technical support. In such a scenario, organizations need to adopt innovation without being left vulnerable. Innovation is a pressure-packed, round-the-clock game in which 24/7 support is crucial for a final touchdown.

Leaders across the board are driving strategies to stay focused on success, which often requires an IT service desk operation that is available, morning and night. High expectations from the IT environment are mainly owed to the fact that if the assets aren’t working, neither is the user. Add multi-cloud and heterogeneous IT environments, and all of a sudden, the complexity and necessity of continued technology support, doubles, or even triples. Another factor for long-term business direction continuity is adapting to ever-evolving change. A support strategy that enables adoption to change and streamlines the 4-walls of enterprises is what’s most important. An excessively overheard phrase is “I need it now”. For businesses, this not only means selling a product but also providing services and support, “now”. If the company does not comply or provide “I need it now” solutions, then they just lost a customer to the next Google search result. 

“Time – the one asset none of us are ever gonna get more of.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

New approaches to digital transformation that enable businesses to better engage with customers require dependable IT service infrastructure. Currently, the stakes are high for innovative companies, in particular, because they regularly depend on the unimpeded flow of code and data through complex IT architectures, digital platforms, and cloud applications to advance projects—information that is crucial to innovation, competition, and differentiation. Uninterrupted 24/7 support plays an integral role in delivering reliable and agile service without leaving systems to being potentially disruptive.

A complete understanding of how to address industry /workflow-specific IT issues should be an important consideration while choosing an external partner for round-the-clock support. Ability to develop, integrate and maintain IT infrastructure, platforms, applications, software, and hardware are always good to have offerings from a partner. A direct benefit of delivering trustworthy 24/7 support is to advance innovation across sectors and address concerns such as aggregated event analysis, reporting, and proactive monitoring within an organization. Round-the-clock availability is considered to be one of the most valuable assets which are rewarded by loyalty and retention. 

Why Offer 24/7 support:

  1. The constant need for accessibility
  2. High demands for immediate response
  3. High reliance on the knowledge base for self-help
  4. Need for Comprehensive reporting
  5. Continuous integrations of a strategic roadmap
  6. Reduction of unplanned downtime
  7. Increased lifetime of hardware components
  8. Proactive management of failure risks
  9. Optimized balance between maintenance and operations
  10. Reduction of complexity and cost

Why you Need a Strategic Partner 

The most beneficial aspect of having a strategic partner during your innovation journey is the ability to tap into 24/7 expertise while creating bandwidth for the organization’s resources to focus on critical initiatives. Partners are constantly on the lookout to fill the needs of customers by providing a knowledgeable, versatile team ready to address any issue via omnichannel support. The need for an effective outlay of service approach is defining how partners want customers to interact. Innovation, no longer a choice, demands a sustainable way to develop swiftly, identify and capitalize on the right trends. At Addteq, we enable organizations to make investment decisions for an effective innovation initiative by providing proactive assistance, self-help/service (knowledge base), and automated services working around the clock. 

With Codefactori, customers can experience quicker time to respond, seamless interaction across channels, and dedicated long-term engagements. 

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