How Addteq Can Help you Migrate your Atlassian Server Apps

The pressure to move from on-premises infrastructure has been looming for a long time; but many organizations continue to operate their workloads and business using traditional, on-premises deployments. For Atlassian Server customers, this status-quo soon has to change, with Atlassian having announced EOL for all its server products including Jira Software Server, Jira Core Server, Jira Service Management Server (formerly known as Jira Service Desk Server), Confluence Server, Bitbucket Server, Crowd Server, Bamboo Server well as Atlassian-built apps. 

The time to take a quick migration decision has come

Atlassian Server EOL has caused severe concern and anxiety across many existing organizations. With the sale (and subsequent support) for Atlassian Server products soon coming to an end, organizations are presented with two options: moving Server workloads and apps to Data Center or the Cloud. Moving to the Data Center is a plausible option to leverage a sea of self-managed products with flexible infrastructure, control, and scalability. But given the investments being made by Atlassian in upping their Cloud game, migrating to Cloud can deliver umpteen benefits across uptime SLA, centralized user billing, dedicated support, and more. 

Organizations recognize that moving to Cloud can open doors to a world of enhanced availability, reliability, and security features. However, the fact that existing Server apps are not automatically migrated to Cloud has got many organizations worried. 

This means they have to carefully assess each of their applications (and corresponding customizations) while planning their move from Server to the Cloud. In addition, they will have to analyze app data, understand their relevance, and follow a standardized process for app migrations. 

How Addteq can help in careful migration of Atlassian Server apps 

To ensure successful migration of Server apps, it’s advisable to work with an Atlassian partner who can guide and recommend the best set of steps to follow to help you audit, assess, and select applications for migration. 

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Addteq has been helping organizations across industries with their Atlassian requirements: right from integration and implementation of the entire Atlassian toolset to Managed Hosting, Custom Add-on Development, Deployment, Upgrades, Migration, Support, and more. 

Because there are several paths to choose from when migrating from Server to the Cloud, and no single method is best for everyone. We can help curate an approach that perfectly fits your unique migration requirements, including the number of users, marketplace apps, integrations, and customizations that need to be migrated. 

Here’s looking at some compelling ways in which Addteq can help you in migrating your Atlassian Server apps:  

  • Comprehensive migration approach: Given the complexity of moving apps from Server to Cloud, Addteq uses a comprehensive approach. Our Qualitative + Quantitative Discovery approach includes reviewing existing environments and apps and making suggestions and recommendations wherever deemed necessary. Based on our assessment of your current environment, we provide a detailed report of your apps as well as chart out an action plan for overcoming issues and delivering value to your customers. We can help in staging implementation, production implementation as well as in providing post-production support. We help you in the review and clean-up of instances and in letting go of apps that are not used, are duplicate, or have overlapping functionality – and ensure your new instance is clean and straightforward. 
  • Careful action on existing app landscape: Many organizations use the Migration Assistant app to migrate projects, users, and groups from Server to the Cloud. Although this app delivers project filtering and usage insights to help prioritize what to migrate and what to leave behind, most organizations do not know what to do with all this information. But we do! We can help you understand all the app inventory and dependency data that the Migration Assistant produces – we can take this information and define an actionable plan on steps forward, required customizations, and manual efforts needed to successfully move your Server apps to the Cloud. 
  • Migration of custom fields and app data: When it comes to migrating apps from Server, there are several limitations that come in the way such as app data or custom fields not being migrated. Given how unique every app is, each will have its own migration path, and each might require a different skill set for the review and reconfiguration and make it compatible. Addteq, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, has extremely strong good relations with several app vendors; therefore, we may have more information and support from vendors and can receive timely responses. If you’re not receiving the full functionality of some of your apps, we can help reconfigure its data to make it work in the new environment – so you can continue to drive the intended outcomes from your existing apps. 
  • Assistance with user migration: User migration, albeit a critical step in the app migration process, is also extremely complicated. For example, some new mandatory fields are introduced with the Cloud, each user license has to be assessed in isolation. Also, in contrast to Server where licenses were unlimited, in Cloud, that’s not the case; therefore, inactive users need to be deactivated. Addteq can assist with the critical task of user clean-up as well as ensure all user data is migrated to the Cloud with as little headache as possible.
  • Time and cost savings: Over the years, Addteq has worked with several organizations, aiding them with their Atlassian deployments and providing timely support as and when required. Therefore, we have the expertise and experience needed to help you carefully (and successfully) migrate your apps: we are aware of migration best practices and understand how to react to certain complicated situations – that help in substantial time and cost savings. For example, for legacy apps, if an alternate app does not exist for the Cloud, we can help build a new app or identify another app that offers similar functionality and then assist with migrating it accordingly.

Atlassian Server EOL announcement has made migrating instances (and apps) from Atlassian Server to Data Center/Cloud extremely critical. Since apps (and associated) data is not automatically migrated, careful assessment of each app to understand its importance and significance is vital. Being an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Addteq can provide all the resources and assistance you need to successfully migrate your apps. Since we do not treat app migration as an IT project but as a continuous process, you can be assured of end-to-end project management and full documentation. 

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