Atlassian Services Offered

Expert Analysis

Want to adopt new tools or methodology but not sure where to start and best way to implement? Have Addteq experts do a discovery phase with your internal stakeholders to understand your challenges and propose practical solution working with your team.

Data Migration

Considering switching to a new technology, but worried about preserving legacy data? Don’t worry… Addteq can migrate any version control system, issue tracking system, or any other legacy systems and data you need.

Workflow Customizations

Default JIRA workflows not adequate for your team? Looking for integrated workflows that cut across requirements as well as development/ test teams? Have Addteq workflow experts work with you.

Custom Plugin Development

Can’t find the functionality you need to expand your Atlassian toolset in the marketplace? Don’t get disappointed, Addteq will build a custom plugin for any Atlassian tool.

Installation & Configuration

Want to set up your instance correctly the first time? Craving performance, scalability, security, and usability all implemented properly? Have Addteq Atlassian experts work for you.


Want all your Atlassian tools tightly integrated with each other, or even with other 3rd party systems? Addteq helps deliver seamless workflow by making sure all your tools work perfectly together.

Our Clients

Consumer Reports
Susan G. Komen
Bayer Healthcare
BNY Mellon
Bank of America
Zeta Interactive
Estee Lauder

Addteq Integrates Internet of Things with Atlassian JIRA

Addteq integrated Amazon's Echo (an Internet of Thing) to Docker & Atlassian's JIRA to control Docker clusters, nodes & JIRA issues. Addteq team members were able to connect an Amazon Echo to an active JIRA instance to query for Issue information. Then, the team connected the Echo to their Docker clusters with four Docker instances running on Codefactori to increase and decrease the size of the cluster. Codefactori is Addteq's very own platform as a service for Atlassian tools. Learn more about the integration details.