Codefactori, a cohesive partner to DevOps adoption

In order to differentiate from competitors, and access the full potential of digital transformation, organizations across the globe are adopting modernization strategies. Focusing only on development tools and solution architectures is not the way to adopt digital modernization. An organization must also look at its business approach. Being able to use tools more efficiently and effectively throughout the development lifecycle is the key to faster time to market initiatives.

A recent hack making Jenkins vulnerable gives attention to another point. Many large organizations do not have the resources to manage risk on their own. Although security is integral to any organization’s CI/CD process, prioritizing just on an application-level does not cut it anymore. Today, more focus should be driven towards underlying platforms on which these applications are built. Getting there can be a complex and costly undertaking, requiring many resources which can digress the team from driving their business forward. Getting help from a fully managed hosting solution that proactively implements security and also monitors the landscape for any potential risks, is an extremely viable option for organizations to safeguard their own customer and user data.

Codefactori, a one-stop managed solution that embeds security into the infrastructure and provides expertise on best practices, cost-effective measures, and risk mitigation. In order to accelerate development, more infrastructure is being deployed across the world, leading to greater efforts by internal teams to manage their underlying DevOps platforms. With Codefactori, teams can focus solely on delivering value while the rest is fully managed by experts. With single-tenant hosting architecture, Codefactori takes away most of the effort in managing the underlying infrastructure. Additionally, our data centers are SOC 2 Type-II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS compliant. Seamless toolchain integration allows for faster delivery of positive business outcomes. Managed by experts, Codefactori offers enterprise-grade security and flexibility to an organization’s changing needs.

Some interesting statistics below show why partnering DevOps with a managed service can benefit an organization.

  •  7x lower change failure rates

  •  208x more frequent code deployments

  •  106x faster lead time from commit to deploy

*Source: State of DevOps Report 2019: DevOps Not a Trend, The Standard!

Codefactori and DevOps go hand-in-hand

Codefactori has built a powerful global network for managing some of the world’s most complex IT environments. Financial institutions, Healthcare corporations rely on a secure and scalable enterprise platform that offers Data Encryption, High Availability, High Performance, Disaster Recovery, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Integration with other DevOps tools. In order to manage instances in such an on-premise environment, a specialized skillset or resource is needed which again can weight on existing tight budgets. With Codefactori Enterprise, organizations can stay on-premise and aim to achieve seamless integrations, enhanced security, and significant cost savings.

Considering the importance of monitoring application performance to detect bugs and issues, Codefactori offers a variety of monitoring tools for easy logging of records. For teams looking to quickly analyze and debug applications, Codefactori gives insight into how your application is performing and the team at Addteq can help you troubleshoot the root cause of performance issues and errors.

Managed DevOps has a ton of advantages:

  1. Provision shift from CAPEX to OPEX, eliminating the need to invest heavily in owning infrastructure and managing it.
  2. Guided migrations and scheduled maintenance provide better resource & capacity planning.
  3. With an uptime commitment of 99.95%, minimal disruptions to the development process is guaranteed.
  4. Efficient incident, change, and service request management includes a response to any highlighted performance bottlenecks.
  5. Infrastructure Orchestration included where solutions can be architectured to be available at all levels.
  6. Development and deployment are assured to be embedded with enterprise-grade security. including patching of security upgrades.
  7. 24×7 monitoring and Proactive response.
  8. Possibility of provisioning on-demand resources to drive business agility.

At Addteq,  we understand your DevOps needs and strive to provide expert recommendations that are needed to implement changes to achieve your business objectives quicker. We integrate, configure, and manage your favorite tools that will streamline your development process.


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