How Addteq Software Improves Atlassian Tools

Atlassian and Addteq – they are better together

The world has become more software-defined, and software development has now become more complex than ever before. With constant pressure to improve time-to-market, software developers need the right tools in their arsenal. Atlassian has proved to be one such company that takes care of the needs of software developers, project managers, and also for content management. However, given the complexities of software development and the individual needs of today’s enterprise, these tools also need some powerful add-ons.  

Giving Confluence the power of Excellentable

Confluence has been a favorite amongst those working in software development. A collaboration wiki tool, Confluence helps teams share knowledge and collaborate efficiently. It is a great space to keep work organized, record project plans, release notes, roadmaps, requirement documents, and also speed up the review process by getting in-context feedback.

But what if you want to extend the capabilities of the standard Confluence table? This is where Excellentable comes in. While Confluence is great for creating drafts, writing reports, taking meeting notes, assigning tasks, etc.; it does lack one thing – dynamic tables. Excellentable allows Confluence users to create dynamic and interactive spreadsheets without the need to toggle between different software. 

Excellentable acts as a macro inside a Confluence page and allows you to take advantage of popular spreadsheet functionalities within the Confluence browser. 

With Excellentable- Spreadsheets for Confluence, you can:

  1. Import preformatted .xls, .xlsx, and .csv files directly into Confluence 
  2. Search, filter, sort and share directly from the ‘view mode’ of a Confluence page without worrying about having to edit the whole page
  3. Get the power of collaborative editing and enable all team members to work alongside on the same spreadsheet inside Confluence
  4. Gain conditional formatting capabilities and set rules for automatic application of background color in spreadsheets for easy highlighting (even in the case of large and voluminous data sets) 
  5. Get strong data validation capabilities and minimize human error 
  6. Store all your data changes as separate versions and access them at the click of a button with Excellentable Versioning. You can also move between versions and restore your spreadsheet to the desired version of choice
  7. Ability to edit up to 1 million cells of data

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