The Complete Solution: A Guide to Addteq’s Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Approach

Why is Codefactori the best long-term solution for your software hosting needs?

Codefactori is a hosted and managed software development solution centered around the Atlassian DevOps tools. In most organizations, the Atlassian suite is necessary for software development. Then organizations must decide to host these tools themselves or use a service like Codefactori for hosting. 

When an organization chooses Codefactori, there are many benefits. Some of these benefits, such as significant cost savings and better cloud-hosting experience, are effective immediately, while others such as on-prem hosting are available in the long-term.  

How can choosing Codefactori help your organization?

Better cost management:

Codefactori is both cost-effective and time-efficient for your organization. When you host Atlassian or DevOps tools yourself, you need a skilled employee to work in and around these tools. Ideally, you will need a full-time employee who can manage these tools so you can prevent downtime and maintain constant optimization. This a position that can be difficult to fill due to the cost and expertise level needed.

When you use Codefactori, you receive a secure and reliable software development environment and you save in terms of cost. Not only does it cost less to subscribe to our services than employing a full-time employee, but you also receive a team of subject matter experts with a deep understanding of managing cloud solutions versus a professional who must become well-versed in upgrades, management, and uptime requirements. 

The following example gives an excellent breakdown of the costs associated with downtime, and savings obtained using Codefactori. 

Let’s say you are a large organization that is self-hosting your cloud solution.  One day, you experience an hour of downtime. If you have 500 employees at an average hourly rate of about $60, for every hour of downtime, you are losing $30,000. Imagine if you experience one hour of downtime every quarter. That will cost you $120,000. 

Another expense of hosting your cloud solution in-house is the cost of making an upgrade to your development tools. A typical upgrade takes about 480 hours of work at about $60 an hour, so it costs approximately $30,000 to upgrade your software development tools.  In order to handle these upgrades in-house, you will need at least a full-time employee to manage these systems. A typical full-time resource costs $124,800 in salary. If you add all the total costs, it becomes very significant.

With Codefactori, your subscription fee includes a team of experts that work to maintain 99.95% uptime and provide continuous updates so you don’t have to. 

Better cloud hosting management:

If you choose to host Atlassian DevOps tools yourself, you need to ensure that your development environment is reliable, secure, architectured correctly, and can scale with the growth of your organization. Scaling an on-prem hosted solution is challenging, and offloading this responsibility to Codefactori saves you the hassle of managing your hosted tools. This results in better utilization of your time and resources.

An excellent back-up system: 

Many organizations back-up their data every 24 hours. While this may seem frequent, it is not enough. Think about how much work you complete in an 8 hour day! Codefactori has robust policies set in place to back up customer data every 30 mins. We also replicate the data to a secondary cloud and can host the data geographically close to the customer. If our client’s offices are dispersed geographically, we find the best possible location to host their DevOps tools. We encrypt the backups and meet important compliance standards.

Highest tier partnership with Atlassian:

We are an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, which is the highest partnership tier for the Atlassian suite. We have achieved this status due to the high-quality technical support that we offer. We write software to extend the capabilities of Atlassian tools. We offer consulting services and customize our offering to provide solutions that best serve our customers. 

How is Codefactori evolving to better serve the customer? 

  1. Launch of Codefactori on-prem After hearing prospective customers’ pains of needing to be on-prem, we have launched an innovative offering called Codefactori on-prem. Many of our clients in areas like finance are not currently able to utilize the cloud because of regulation and data-security requirements. We want to equip these customers with the same level of automation capabilities to manage software and DevOps tools that we have offered to our Codefactori-on-cloud customers. We continue to improve our on-prem solution. 
  2. Enhanced support, reliability, and compliance When our customers have questions, they can use the Addteq support portal to receive the assistance they need. For compliance, a lot of our customers have internal requirements, and we continue to work very closely to get certified to meet the future compliance needs of our clients. For reliability, we offer a very aggressive uptime guarantee. We offer 99.95% uptime, and thirty minutes of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective). 
  3. Expansion of Codefactori to include other DevOps tools While we host the whole suite of Atlassian tools, we are also expanding our platform to include different DevOps tools. This way, we can offer our customers the most competitive offerings.

Codefactori is a hosted and managed software development solution that offers immediate benefits to your company. The immediate benefits are:

  1. Improved cost management that results in a quick ROI
  2. A superior cloud hosting management
  3. An excellent back-up system
  4. The highest level of Atlassian partnership

Codefactori continues to evolve to stay a leader in its space. We have developed an on-prem solution for customers who are unable to use our cloud offering due to regulatory and security issues. We are beginning to offer support for DevOps tools outside of the Atlassian suite, and an enhanced support and reliability experience are in store for 2020 and beyond. With Codefactori, you get a world-class solution that will improve business outcomes for your organization both in the short and long term.

Find out how Codefactori can fit into your organization’s cloud solution. 

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