Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner Addteq Expands to New York City

Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner Addteq Expands to New York City

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January 22, 2019

One of Atlassian’s top Platinum Solution Partner recently made a big move to New York City! Being headquartered in Princeton, NJ for over 10 years, Addteq has been known as the New Jersey Atlassian partner. However, there was a need to expand their territory to one of the largest cities in the world.                          

“Since the inception of Addteq, 57% of our local business comes from NYC. It made sense to open an office near our customers and provide them a better Addteq experience,” says Sukhbir Dhillon, Addteq’s Founder & CEO.

With that, Addteq decided it was time to finally set up their presence in New York and opened an office right before the close of 2018. Now, Addteq employees are able to connect to their clients on a more direct level. Before, Addteq would travel to our New York client sites just for meetings, now they will be able to increase the client experience by sharing coffee or even lunch! Addteq’s dedicated IT team will be able to make personal visits to our clients instead of needing to set up specific meetings. 

“We are looking forward to Addteq’s growth and I am excited to see where this new chapter takes us. There will be many big updates and exciting moves coming over the next 2 years.”


About Addteq

Addteq is a leader in providing business solutions to Enterprise clients. Addteq has been in the business for more than 10 years. Through the use of DevOps automation, Addteq strives on creating innovative solutions to solve business processes. Clients depend on Addteq to modernize the software delivery process by providing Atlassian solutions, create custom add-ons, conduct training, offer hosting, perform DevOps services, and provide overall support services. 

More information about ADDTEQ’s involvement with Atlassian and the extensive list of our custom products please visit 

Visit us on the Atlassian Partner Portal:


Amanda Deol 

One Liberty Plaza

165 Broadway, Suite 2301

New York, 10006

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