Spreadsheets for Confluence vs Excellentable

One of the most common questions that we get is: How does Excellentable compare to Spreadsheets for Confluence?

Although, Spreadsheets for Confluence is a great tool and is a big improvement over the  out-of-the-box Confluence tables, it lacks the full functionality and some key features that are a must for any spreadsheet tool

Get started right away

You can import and export an Excel or Google Sheets file directly into Confluence by using Excellentable. Need to export the data, but also all of the formulas and formatting too? Not a problem! With Excellentable, you can import outside spreadsheets knowing all of your formatting and set formulas will stay in tact.

Now, you can be free of the dreaded tab switching and increase your confluence productivity. Excellentable also looks and behaves similar to your favorite spreadsheet tools. Your users can start right away without a need to retrain.

Collaborative Editing

Excellentable is the only spreadsheet add-on in Confluence that allows collaborative editing. A lot of the time, data needs to be inputted by multiple users at the same time. Since the release of collaborative editing in Confluence, Excellentable allows you to do just that. With a collaborative tool like Confluence, concurrent editing is a must.

Multi Sheets

No spreadsheet is complete without multi sheets. While Spreadsheets for Confluence is a good tool to do simple calculations, having multiple sheets within a working spreadsheet, is a must.  Excellentable not only has multi sheets, but it also supports versioning, so you can edit even larger tables collaboratively, without the risk of losing any important data.

Advanced Sharing and Sorting Options

With Excellentable, you can sort and filter your results without editing the entire Confluence page. You can even share your filtered results with your teammates with as much ease as a click of a button. This saves a lot of time with inline comments, highlighting and waiting for team members to respond. Spreadsheets for Confluence provides normal Confluence features and does not have any additional sharing or filtering features.

Want to give it a try?

Excellentable is trusted by clients like: Bank of America, Coca Cola, Charter Communications, Mazda, Samsung, Major League Baseball, Dell, US Department of Defense and many more. Click here to start your free trial today!

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