Auto-populate Confluence Page Title with Excellentable

Confluence templates are a great tool to standardize pages and maintain structure inside your Confluence page. However, there are some limitations to using templates inside confluence.

An Excellentable user, faced a common issue while creating a Confluence page using the Excellentable template via API. While the user was able to create the page, the page did not auto-populate the Confluence page title. When the Create from Template button launches the page, above the Excellentable table it says “Give this page a title”. The user contacted Excellentable support to overcome this.

Needless to say, the support team was stumped. However, the excellentable user figured out a solution within minutes and was happy to share it with us.

Auto-populate the Confluence page title code

The below Jira automation code adds the title as a parameter into the structured macro and passes it on above the Excellentable.

It is a Jira automation that creates a Confluence page with the Excellentable template when an issue is created. You pass the issue key along for the template and page title and add a link back to the Jira issue on the Confluence page. (The Jira issue automatically adds a link to the new Confluence page as a mentioned).

{"type": "page", 
"title": "{{issue.key}} {{issue.summary}}", 
"space": {"key": "DEP"}, 
"ancestors": [{"id": "1729429505"}],
"body": {
"storage": {
"value":"<ac:structured-macro ac:name=\"jira\" ac:schema-version=\"1\" 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"server\">System JIRA</ac:parameter>\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"columns\">key,summary,type,created,updated,due,assignee,reporter,priority,status,resolution</ac:parameter>\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"serverId\">ae66ff03-f77f-347c-94ca-b265c749b219</ac:parameter>\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"key\">{{issue.key}}</ac:parameter>\n</ac:structured-macro>\n
<ac:structured-macro ac:name=\"create-from-template\">\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"title\">{{issue.key}}</ac:parameter>\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"templateId\">1747582977</ac:parameter>\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"spaceKey\">\n <ri:space ri:space-key=\"DEP\"/>\n </ac:parameter>\n 
<ac:parameter ac:name=\"templateName\">Excellentable Demo</ac:parameter>\n 
"representation": "storage"}

It’s wonderful how we can learn for the community and solve multiple issues elegantly. The Atlassian community is another forum where you can share your knowledge with your peers.

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