Excellentable spreadsheets in Confluence – What to expect in 2023

As detailed in the previous blog, Addteq added several features to Excellentable, your favourite Confluence spreadsheet in 2022. A quick look at our release notes shows how much we love adding to your your favourite Confluence spreadsheet app.

We will bring new Excellentable features to improve your Confluence spreadsheet experience in 2023 including Charts, Advanced filters, and Jira integration

Standalone Charts

Have you ever wondered how to put a linked chart on a confluence page, so that the charts update when the underlying data changes? Excellentable standalone charts would let you do that.

Excellentable will allow you to create and update charts that can have their data sourced from a confluence table or a spreadsheet (which can be neatly tucked away in a hidden section of your confluence page)

Improved Filters

Excellentable will improve the filters to make the experience similar to Google sheets or Excel. This will also allow us to create a baseline for providing advanced filters in the future.

What’s more, excellentable filters are also available in the Confluence view mode. So once you have applied the filters, you can filter the data in Confluence view-mode, and showcase/share the exact view you want to show to your teammates.

Comment Notifications

Excellentable added the ability to add comments and @mention users in Excellentables a while back. This feature will notify ‘@’ mentioned users alongside their normal Confluence notifications.

Feature Backlog

While the above three features should come in the upcoming months, we plan to release a lot more with Excellentable and Confluence.

  1. Custom Templates: Custom templates for Excellentable, and a much larger template gallery.
  2. Jira Integration: Integrate Excellentable in Jira.
  3. Watch/unwatch: Watch or unwatch a spreadsheet and integrate it with Confluence Watch/Unwatch.
  4. Version History: Integrate the Excellentable version history with Confluence.

Watch for Excellentable in 2023 (and a secret app coming soon)

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