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One of the many requests we hear from our Unstoppable customers is if we’re able to train their users to use Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira. It’s a fair question as not all Unstoppable users have used Confluence or Jira before. When we started looking into available trainings for Confluence and Jira, we discovered the training is very good but not the most accessible to those that are visually impaired.

Confluence & Jira Training

Once we discovered that information we knew we had to fix this issue. We’re proud to announce that we’re actively working on free training for Confluence and Jira. This training is directly designed for, and led by, visually impaired individuals. With this training, we plan on teaching your Unstoppable users the basics necessary for being successful while using Confluence and Jira. Your users will no longer feel lost within Confluence and Jira if they’ve never used it before.

What will the training include?

Our training will hit the users with a series of topics built to teach the basics needed to be successful in Confluence and Jira. After going through these two trainings, we expect your users to be fully capable Confluence and Jira users. They’ll learn valuable skills like…

• How to check if Unstoppable is installed?

• How to check if Unstoppable is activated?

• How to create a page in Confluence?

• How to move tickets through the workflow?

• How to create an issue in Jira?

• How to create a label in Confluence?

• How to change issue rank on Agile board?

The above items are just a small taste of the topics that will be discussed during these trainings. We look forward to working with your team members to make them competent Confluence and Jira users.

When is this coming? 

These trainings will launching on May 1st. Look for more information coming in the future on how to sign up.

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