How Unstoppable Enhances Jira Accessibility

The World Health Organization estimates that globally 285 million people have some form of visual disability, of whom, 39 million people are blind. Software, however, is not an inherently visible artifact, and screen readers are able to bridge the gap between a visual and a non-visual user. However, with software like Jira, whose UI contains a lot of sections, links, and buttons, it is difficult for a visually impaired user to navigate the entirety of the software. Unstoppable for Atlassian tools allows your Jira, Confluence & Jira Service Management to be fully 508 & a11y compliant with WCAG 2.1 standards.

How Unstoppable Works:

Unstoppable acts as an intermediary between the screen reader and your Atlassian applications. It cleans up the codes, adds incompatible ARIA tags, and makes Jira far more accessible and readable to screen readers.  

When Unstoppable is added to your Jira environment, it auto-detects the users that need accessibility and asks them to enable it. Once enabled, unstoppable makes minor UI changes for the user, which makes Jira much more readable to the screen readers.

Complete Navigation:

A Jira screen has a large number of issues, products and sections that provide a large set of functionalities to a user. With unstoppable users are able to navigate all the extremes of a Jira page, and chose the functionality that they need. This video below shows how difficult it is to navigate to common Jira tasks like cloning issues, linking issues, creating sub tasks, etc. However with Unstoppable enabled, the navigation is much simpler as the screen reader gets the proper feedback.

Enhanced Accessibility:

As we mentioned earlier, Unstoppable fixes the incompatible ARIA tags. These tags are important identifiers to help a visually impaired user quickly navigate to the main buttons, headings, and landmarks on a page. Below is a screenshot of how the create issues screen looks without Unstoppable. On the left hand side you can see the Buttons of the element list dialogue box of Create Issue screen as read by NVDA under certain scenarios. This essentially means that the things like attachment button and the create issue button are invisible to the user and they will have to navigate to these screens either by using the tab button or the links list.


With Unstoppable users can quickly identify and navigate to all the rich contents like buttons, headings, landmarks and form fields allowing users to quickly navigate to screens and complete tasks. 


Unstoppable makes your Jira and Confluence accessible to WCAG2.1, 508 and a11y norms. Please find our  VPAT Accessibility Conformance Report here, you are assured that your applications are compliant with the latest WCAG 2.1, 508 & a11y requirements. Purchase or Renew your Atlassian Licenses with Us this year and you can get Compliance for Free for a Year.

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