Be Unstoppable with new Keyboard Shortcuts in Confluence

Keyboard shortcuts and markups not only help users create content quickly but they are also used by visually impaired users to perform necessary tasks quickly on the screen.  For example, while a full-sighted Atlassian Confluence user might use Alt+ Down arrow key to reduce time, for visually impaired users it is the quickest and easiest way to add a new row in Confluence. Confluence keyboard shortcuts are both comprehensive and intuitive. If you use text editors like Word, google docs, etc, most of the shortcuts and markups are shared between these platforms, and hence the users don’t learn new shortcuts as well. However, this list of Confluence shortcuts not exhaustive, and that’s where unstoppable fills the gaps.

View Mode Shortcuts

We identified and divided the missing page shortcuts into two parts, the Confluence view mode shortcuts and confluence edit mode shortcuts. With Unstoppable now you can use shortcuts for tasks like exporting a pdf, saving a page for later, or restricting a page. In the below video, the user quickly navigates to the comment section using the shortcut ‘Alt+C’

Editor Shortcuts

In Confluence edit mode, performing mundane tasks like table editing a table, or formatting the text are difficult if you are just using a keyboard. For example, to center align some text (without using a mouse), a user needs to first select the text, exit the rich text field, and somehow navigate to the align buttons on the top strip. With unstoppable, however, alignment is just a hotkey away. The following video shows a user easily changing the alignment of text using hotkeys (Alt+ I, Alt+R, and Alt+L).


What’s Next in Unstoppable

At Addteq we strive for Continuous improvement and the next features for Unstoppable will include more shortcuts and markups for your ease of use, and support for contrast levels in Confluence UI. For German users, we are also working on accessibility as per the BITV standards.If you have a specific feature request in mind, please raise a ticket and we will get back to you.

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