Confluence Keyboard Shortcuts only available with Unstoppable

This list details the shortcuts not available in Confluence. However, with Unstoppable, the user can use the keyboard shortcuts detailed in this page.

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Editor Shortcuts

ActionUnstoppable Shortcut
Font Colour<W.I.P.>
Align LeftAlt+L
Align CenterAlt+I
Align RightAlt+R
Page Layout<W.I.P.>
Insert Picture<W.I.P.>
Insert Link<W.I.P.>
Toggle Responsive/Fixed WidthAlt+7
Delete row<W.I.P.>
Insert column leftAlt+1
Insert column rightAlt+2
Delete columnAlt+X
Cut column<W.I.P.>
Copy column<W.I.P.>
Paste column left<W.I.P.>
Merge CellsAlt+3
Split Merge CellsAlt+4
Heading RowAlt+5
Heading ColumnAlt+6
Insert numbered column<W.I.P.>
Cell BG color<W.I.P.>
Delete Table<W.I.P.>

General Shortcuts

ActionUnstoppable Shortcut
Comment on a pageAlt+C
Save for laterAlt+S
Export PDF/WordAlt+P
Page RestrictAlt+R

* W.I.P = Work in progress. Kindly contact us if you want more information.