Infrastructure as Code (IaC) – an Introduction

Infrastructure as Code, also known as IaC, is a tool for providing consistent, reliable, repeatable, and automated infrastructure provisioning and management using configuration files rather than the graphical user interface. The infrastructure and resources are defined using configuration files which you can repurpose, collaborate and manage versions. There are several tools available that provide IaC functionality. These […]

Codefactori, a cohesive partner to DevOps adoption

In order to differentiate from competitors, and access the full potential of digital transformation, organizations across the globe are adopting modernization strategies. Focusing only on development tools and solution architectures is not the way to adopt digital modernization. An organization must also look at its business approach. Being able to use tools more efficiently and […]

Bamboo, Docker, and Building Webapps

Bamboo is a strong tool for implementing a stable continuous integration and deployment pipeline which is an essential part of the DevOps process. This topic is greatly explained in a recent blog post by Ian Buchanan published in the Atlassian Developer blog. Docker describes itself as “An open platform for distributed applications for developers and […]

DevOps Platform – Integrated and Automated ALM using Bamboo, Stash and JIRA

In our DevOps Primer Webinar last month, we shared our perspective on Why DevOps, What is DevOps and How to adopt DevOps. There were lot of questions & interest on technology side of DevOps. In this webinar, we will showcase best of Bamboo, Stash/GIT and JIRA Integration and Automation as core platform for DevOps. What […]

Integrating Atlassian JIRA, Bitbucket and Bamboo as platform for effective Devops

Our previous blog, Integrated Release Management approach as core platform for Devops emphasizes on Integrated Release Management approach as core platform for Devops the importance of integration and automation across build management tools for the DevOps. Bamboo is used as a CI tool by various teams that use Atlassian’s stash and JIRA for continuity in […]

System Integration, SCM Best Practices and Automation for Huge Productivity Gains

Company The US government entity, responsible for managing financial information of all the government agencies of the state Challenge This client received a pre-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) application from another vendor, developed and built at the vendor site. This new ERP application was a Java based application which need to work along with their […]