Simplify your Confluence with Excel templates

Do you know why Confluence admins make you use templates? It’s because templates are awesome!
Confluence templates are a powerful tool to organize and manage your workspace. A robust and well-used template reduces documentation time, reduces errors, and makes finding information easier. So the next time you see a well-defined set of pages, you can thank your Confluence admins. 

With Excellentable, you can extend templates to spreadsheets inside your Confluence pages as well. 

Why add Spreadsheets to Templates?

A lot of Confluence pages need tables with calculations, be it a time and effort calculator, a simple invoice, a monthly sales performance, or a marketing budget report. Quick and efficient calculations ensure that the information in your confluence is accurate, versatile, and robust to changes. Spreadsheets are essential to a documentation toolset and Excellentable is the best option to have a native spreadsheet app within Confluence.
With Excellentable templates, you can: 

  1. Create auto calculating tables, with over 400 formulas
  2. Showcase your page with an extensive formatting set
  3. Highlight content dynamically with conditional formatting
  4. Ensure data sanctity with Data validation and many more uses

How to do put spreadsheets in Confluence

If you are a Confluence administrator, you will be able to create a normal Confluence template. In the below example I am creating a sample invoice template, that can be used by my team. You can edit this template and insert Excellentable, make changes to Excellentable, and save the template with Excellentable.

Want to create an Excellentable template? 

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