Bitbucket Cloud Security Features You Can Bank On

For development organizations looking to enhance outcomes from their efforts, Atlassian’s Bitbucket has been a popular choice for code management. 

Over the years, the tool has grown to offer a lot more than just Git code management. Today, it provides a range of other capabilities including a single place for teams to plan projects, collaborate on code, test efficiently, and deploy code quickly. And as the focus on security intensifies, Bitbucket delivers a range of security-related features, enabling organizations to build highly secure, high-quality software products. 

The Key Benefits of Bitbucket 

From the beginning, Bitbucket has been empowering organizations to leverage unlimited private repositories, keep projects organized, and drive efficient CI/CD. It enables teams to benefit from configuration as code as well as fast feedback loops and drive more value from development efforts. 

It helps teams: 

• Make the most of integrated CI/CD to build, test, and deploy code quickly and seamlessly. 

• Merge checklists and hold discussions with peers using inline comments. 

 • Get insights into code and improve the quality and efficiency of the application under development (3 integrations are available with Free version, and unlimited with Standard and Premium versions)

 • Connect branches commit and pull requests through seamless integration with Jira and other day-to-day systems. 

 • Leverage security features like IP whitelisting and 2FA and build highly secure, good quality code (available with Premium version)

The Importance of Security

As application complexities grow and development teams get larger and more geographically dispersed, organizations need to constantly add new processes and workflows for greater collaboration and transparency. 

However, this growth makes organizations also vulnerable to attacks, which brings security to the forefront. 

Although security has been a priority for most organizations for many years now, the recent remote working business landscape has made it more crucial. With millions of coders and developers building cutting-edge applications from their homes, using personal devices and home Internet networks, securing every line of code that is written has become extremely important. 

No matter what stage of growth an organization is in, Bitbucket offers different plans, so organizations can meet their basic needs (Free), enjoy greater flexibility (Standard), and leverage advanced permissions and security features (Premium) and comply with existing and evolving security requirements and regulations.  

Introduction to Bitbucket Cloud Premium 

Bitbucket Cloud Premium allows remote developers to secure their workflows in the cloud using features such as IP whitelisting and 2-step verification. By building security into every layer of infrastructure and processes, it helps restrict access to users while controlling their actions with branch permissions and merging checks for quality code. 

With Bitbucket Cloud Premium, developers can be assured that the data they use and the code they develop is always safe in the cloud. 


Data encryption in transit: Bitbucket Cloud Premium ensures all data in transit over public networks is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2+ with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Such encryption ensures data is always protected from unauthorized disclosure or modification. 

SAML-based SSO: SAML-based Single Sign-On ensures all logins are simplified and authorized with all key portals using Atlassian Access. Since developers can easily authenticate themselves, it helps them to quickly and securely get on with their work while improving their online experience. 

Security key support: In addition to SSO, Bitbucket Cloud Premium further strengthens two-factor authentication by adding an extra layer of hardware security. It supports devices that use the FIDO U2F standard, enabling developers to securely access the cloud with a single security key – protecting them against phishing and malware attacks. 

IP Whitelisting & Enforced 2FA: Bitbucket Cloud Premium also enforce security settings on individual accounts, allowing users to fend off data breaches with greater accuracy. Users can assign safe, pre-defined IP addresses and use two-factor authentication with Bitbucket Premium.


Compliance Certifications 

Given the pressure to comply with existing and evolving regulations, Bitbucket is designed to keep leading compliance certifications in mind. These include: 

SOC II focuses on non-financial reporting controls that relate to the security, availability, and confidentiality of cloud services. 

SOC III focuses on internal controls that relate to the security, availability, and confidentiality of cloud services. 

PCI DSS ensures standard handling of credit card information, so developers can build PCI-compliant software and systems.

ISO/IEC 27001, an Information Security Management System that helps manage an organization’s information risk management processes. 

ISO/IEC 27018 focuses on protecting personally identifiable information in public clouds. 

    GDPR aims to unify existing privacy and security laws and provide users in the EU more control over their data while requiring organizations to process and holding personal data to comply with essential regulations. 

For more details, take a look at 


Git-based code hosting and collaboration tool, Bitbucket, with its best-in-class Jira and Trello integrations, helps organizations bring their remotely located team members together to plan, work on, and execute projects. 

Using the cloud, it helps them build quality code through automated testing, and deploy code with confidence leveraging capabilities across CI/CD, configuration as code, and fast feedback loops. Teams can efficiently track and preview their code and implement checks to ensure the code is secure 24×7. 

Need help with your Bitbucket implementation? Let’s connect. 

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