Spreadsheets for Confluence: Changing the way Hospitals Document COVID-19 Records

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PRINCETON, NJ – Atlassian Confluence

Organizations across all industries use Atlassian Confluence as their chosen wiki. With seamless connectivity to their other tools, Confluence is an easy way for organizations to host internal documentation and display compelling external knowledge bases. As a Platinum Atlassian Solution, Government & Marketplace partner, Addteq provides apps, licenses, support, custom migrations, and more for your Atlassian toolset. 

Excellentable- Spreadsheets for Confluence

Need more functionality in standard Confluence tables? End the Confluence spreadsheet nightmare with dynamic spreadsheets for Confluence. Addteq created Excellentable to try to maximize Confluence’s potential to create spreadsheets without the need to import pre-made tables. Now, users can create and edit spreadsheets easily without ever leaving Confluence. 

Now available for Confluence Cloud, Excellentable provides even large organizations the ability to manage, share, and collaborate on spreadsheets inside Confluence. Give Excellentable a try for 30 days for free!

Excellentable & Confluence in Hospitals: 

During the pandemic, Excellentable has been used by multiple hospitals to track, document, and collaborate on COVID-19 related activities, tasks, patient intake & diagnosis, treatment plans and so much more. Our product offers flexible options for enabling collaboration in a private and secure manner for on-premise and cloud instances. 

Giving Back Through Software

As the number of cases from the pandemic grew across the country, Addteq realized the need to help the community and local small businesses.

During this uncertain time Addteq has decided to:

  1. Donate 1% of Addteq Software sales during the pandemic to various philanthropic efforts & organizations
  2. Offer free remote work products for Atlassian tools to non-profit or organizations with less than 500 users:
    1. Accessibility and compliance app for Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence called Unstoppable. Find out how to make your Confluence accessible.
    2. Confluence spreadsheet creation & collaboration with Excellentable. Stay collaborative while working remotely with Excellentable.

About Addteq

A global organization that combines efficiency and technical expertise to provide innovative results within the software development lifecycle. Addteq has over thirteen years of delivering software services, and we have grown to 200 employees. Addteq is a company with products and services focused on DevOps. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship between Development & Operations teams, by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units. Addteq is a Platinum Atlassian Solution & Government partner with a variety of apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Addteq’s mission is to make the software development process simple, efficient, and stress-free for all teams. 

Contact Addteq to request a demo or custom meeting. 

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