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Working remotely because of the Coronavirus? We know these are crazy times. In a matter of a week or so, companies, schools, and other organizations had to figure out how to go into a fully virtual work model. Most of these organizations have never had an opportunity to perform daily work duties virtually and have no idea where to start. Complete business models are forced to change.

Now more than ever, people are grasping the importance of the ability to collaborate without any silos. Collaboration is key in any work environment, but when working remotely, it is crucial. We have tons of chat and video conferencing tools that help us stay collaborative when working remotely. But what about our documentation & other tasks? 

Atlassian Confluence Keeps you Collaborative

Confluence is a place where we create, organize and discuss work with our teams. Organizations around the world use Confluence to create internal documentation, blogs, knowledge articles and so much more. In fact, Confluence is an integral part of team-work, but it lacks one thing. Dynamic and effective tables.

Make your Atlassian Confluence More Collaborative with Excellentable

Now, imagine having a collaborative spreadsheet that sits right inside that Confluence page. Breaking down the silo of the need to go in and out of different browser tabs, software tools, and access hurtles. Excellentable allows you and your team to be fully collaborative inside of a spreadsheet without ever leaving Confluence, by acting like a spreadsheet macro. Simply embed an Excellentable onto a Confluence page and begin editing complex data sets immediately. 

Excellentable has all of the most loved spreadsheet features like:

  1. Formulas
  2. Data Validation
  3. Formatting
  4. Conditional Formatting
  5. Supports 1 million cells of data
  6. Versioning
  7. Multi-sheets

Have collaborative editing turned on in your Confluence instance? Multiple users will then be able to edit a spreadsheet at one given time. This is great for a team that needs constant changes made to a spreadsheet. Or a team that is working on a large spreadsheet together. Get this, Excellentable even allows search and restore of previous versions to ensure data is never compromised. 

Excellentable ends the hassle of leaving Confluence and allows your team to collaboratively work together inside of a spreadsheet. 

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