Leveraging Cloud Capabilities with Codefactori

Enterprise companies host their tools on the cloud for benefits such as up-to-date security, the ability to scale instantly, and cost-savings. Since cloud hosting is now a norm for most companies, the critical question is: should your company host the software tools on its own, or engage an outside consultant to help with cloud migration? Your organization can choose to host the software tools, but some specific situations call for external support.

When should your organization hire an external hosting partner? 

  1. When it’s time to scale legacy applications… When your current infrastructure cannot scale and manage your legacy systems, it may be time to hire an external hosting partner.  Wrestling with both the scaling and managing a legacy system internally can drown your IT department. Moving your system to the cloud with Codefactori allows you the flexibility to scale in the future and the expertise to continually update and manage your systems. 
  2. When it’s time to upgrade existing applications: When it becomes a challenge to keep your older applications running smoothly, it’s time to upgrade them. Hosting your applications on the cloud makes it easy to upgrade. Cloud hosting also assists with end-of-life infrastructure, which is when your existing applications are no longer supported by the vendor. 

As an Atlassian Platinum Service Partner, Addteq can support your organization by upgrading your systems, which in turn, will save your organization time and money.  

Why should I leverage cloud capabilities in my organization?

Leveraging the cloud can benefit your organization in many ways including:

  1. Providing you with a competitive advantage
  2. Ensuring you stay up-to-date with compliance
  3. Enabling your organization to scale on-demand
  4. Providing up-to-date security
  5. Allowing access to add-on services for customization and integration 
  6. Enabling connectivity between different cloud platforms

Leveraging the cloud in your organization may depend on your organization’s size and budget. With Codefactori, we encourage our clients to select the option that works best for your organization. We allow the flexibility for your level of support to change with your business as it grows. For example, a small business may need 9-5 support, and an enterprise may require 24-7 support. We can provide what your business needs.

Let’s dive into each of the six reasons why you should leverage cloud capabilities in your organization:

•   The cloud improves your competitive advantage:  Cloud adoption has become a norm, and technology companies understand the core benefits of the cloud and therefore deploy it in a way that suits their business. If your company is not on the cloud, you may not be as agile as your competitors. Cloud hosting allows your company to iterate rapidly during product development. 

•   Codefactori ensures you are compliant with the most up-to-date standards: There are different kinds of compliance standards that companies use for ensuring security and compliance. An example is SOC compliance. More examples of compliance standards supported on a solution like Codefactori can be found here [insert link].

•   Enables on-demand scaling: If your IT department manages your own infrastructure and something goes wrong, you may not be able to move fast enough to meet your RPO and RTO quickly. With the cloud, a managed provider, like Addteq, has the ability to quickly repair the infrastructure while being on the cloud.

•   Codefactori provides up-to-date security: On a cloud, managed service providers are responsible for maintaining security, patching software and infrastructure, and ensuring that the latest security features are available. This takes the burden off of the IT department, so that they can continue to advance your organization into the future instead of maintaining current systems.

•   Allows access to add-on services for customization and integration: If your company wants to integrate the software tools or with third-party tools, your expertise may be limited and may need to hire someone full-time. Solutions like Codefactori offer customization and integration as a service that gives you access to add-on services for customization and integration. Codefactori can help you with infrastructure but can also assist with add-on services and support beyond what a vendor may provide.

•   Enables connectivity between different cloud platforms: With a solution like Codefactori, you can use Atlassian and DevOps tools hosted on Codefactori to develop software that is deployed on a different cloud solution like AWS. Then, you can connect cloud-based tools on Codefactori to your solution hosted on AWS. This connectivity is not possible with on-premise tools.

Why should your organization use a solution like Codefactori?

Hosting with Codefactori enables you to scale legacy applications and upgrade existing applications. Codefactori can support you in ways that can result in better outcomes for your business, such as:

  1. Better competitive advantage
  2. Support for compliance standards
  3. On-demand scaling
  4. Up-to-date security 
  5. Add-on services for customization and integration
  6. Connectivity between tools and solutions hosted on different cloud platforms

Advance your organization’s cloud maturity by partnering with Codefactori. As a platinum service partner, Addteq has the experience and expertise to take your organization into the future.

Want to learn how you can leverage your cloud capabilities with Addteq? 

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