The Next Big Thing in Excellentable: Cell/Sheet protect

When you have multiple people with access to the same confluence page, there will be a time when someone inadvertently edits something. And this starts a whole process of tracing logs, checking version history and comparisons. 

The whole thing is even messier if the inadvertent change happens in a table, where small changes in variables can result in incorrect numbers and reports, creating a lot of bewildered users. This becomes even more serious when we have large datasheets with a lot of linkages, where even a small changes can creates large issues, which are difficult to triage.

Cell/Sheet Protect

Excellentable has introduced Cell Protect/Sheet Protect feature to avoid similar errors in the future.

Consider the case below: I want my regional sales team to be able to report their numbers, so i have created a collaborative editable spreadsheet in Confluence. The idea is simple, the regionwise sales team will enter the data, and i will report out the totals.

However, i do not want the sales team to edit the green Highlighted Sections, as they not only contain the highly complex "Sum" formulas, but they are also watched by my everyone in the floor including my managers.

To avoid this, i will protect the Cells (Just select cells to be protected→ right click →  Protect Cells)

Now anyone trying to edit the selected cells will get the following message

Once the sales team have entered the numbers, i can even protect the whole sheet. This will stop any further edits to the sheet (Just select sheets to be protected→ Right click →  Protect Cells).

We hope this makes your Confluence Tables a bit better and efficacious. For Further reading, please go through our user guide

Excellentable is trusted by Samsung, Coca Cola, Marvel Studios, US Dept. of Defense, Dell, Charter Communications and many more customers.

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