Couldn’t Make It to the NY AUG Holiday Party 2016?

Last week, on December 15th, 2016, the New York Atlassian User Group had their holiday party event. The venue exceeded everyone’s expectations, it was held at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square New York! For the first time, the NY AUG, had a 5 hour event, packed with exciting talks, entertainment, food and prizes. Because of the length of the event, there was a nice even balance of talk sessions, networking and fun activities. On top of that, they had a full bar and plenty of food to go around. With over 100 RSVP’s, you know that is sure to please the crowd and with great sponsors like Nasdaq, Atlassian, Addteq, Clearvision, CPrime, GoTo Group and Column Technologies, how can you go wrong?

Talk Sessions

Tons of Atlassians were also at the NY AUG Holiday party. With that, Cameron Deatsch, was able to give a great presentation on the Atlassian culture, toolset and belief system. There was also a great expert talk about how to keep a clean Confluence instance. 

Controlled Chaos – Ryan Haney, Clearvision

Clearvision is a Platinum Atlassian Expert and Ryan showed a great presentation about how to cleanup your Confluence instance and make sure it stays “Sqwiki Clean.” Some takeaways from this talk session included tips on being able to have one person to clean up each Confluence Space you may have. Also, Ryan went on to explain how to format a Confluence page and organize the space the page lives in. 

JIRA Naughty and Nice – Joe Westcott/”JIRA Joe”

Joe’s presentation was a great insight on JIRA’s integrate-able features. He shows the power of using add-ons to make JIRA even more customizable to your needs. We know JIRA is an amazing tool that has extreme functionalities, but when we hear it can become even more customizable, we get excited.  

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