Student Hackers From Nearby States Convene for 24 Hour Hackathon

Addteq, along with other companies, sponsored the “Hack NJIT 2015” event. Hack NJIT is an annual hacking event that is held by New Jersey Institute of Technology and the ACM Student Chapter at NJIT. During this event, groups of students from an array of schools, form teams to build amazing applications over a 24-hour hacking period. Teams of student computer programmers and software developers work together to use sponsor supplied open source frameworks and hardware to build new web and mobile applications and services.

Along with NJIT, Major League Hacking sanctioned the event and corporate sponsors included: Viacom, Juniper Networks, AT&T, Addteq, Linode, eMazzanti, Lockheed Martin, Prudential and FDM Group.

There were a vast majority of  prizes that the students were hacking towards. NJIT’s prizes included cash prizes of $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $500 for third place. There were also prizes provided by Major League Hacking, Addteq, Linode and FDM Group. The sponsor prizes varied from computer hardware and software, cash prizes, gift certificates and more!

Over 250 people attended the hackathon, a combination of students, sponsors, staff and family members. Company sponsored team members lined the hallway leading into the “Hack Room,” as the Addteq team called it.

“Sponsoring HackNJIT every year is worth every penny,” said Sukhbir Dhillon, Founder of Addteq. “Watching the students build something from the APIs and hardware provided by other sponsors, is so inspiring! Many great innovations start at a Hackathon!”

Addteq provided the students with the Atlassian HipChat API.



Study Buddy won the award for Best Use of Addteq’s API. The Study Buddy app helps students form study groups or find study groups located nearby, discuss questions and answers, share files, and study together. Upon the creation of a new group, a unique online HipChat room is created for that group, customized for enhancing the study experience. Addteq gave a prize of $500 for the entire team. The participants of the Study Buddy Team are Shruti Kulkarni, Benedict Waiharo, Md Islam and  Roberto Arias-Yacupoma. They built this app using the HipChat API and a combination of HTML and Java languages. Their mission was to join groups of friends together for studying purposes. Honestly, many of Addteq’s team members wish something like this app was available to us while we were attending college!



Students also enjoyed Addteq’s interactive HipChat Dartboard that we also presented at the 2015 Atlassian Summit!



The Hack NJIT event this weekend was very inspiring for everyone involved and Addteq cannot wait for next year’s hackathon!


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