What you Missed During the Excellentable 3.1 Release Webinar

Why a new release for Excellentable?

Have you ever wanted a fully functional spreadsheet within Confluence? Tired of using Disconnected Spreadsheets that just do not work? Well, Addteq has answered your wishes with the release of Excellentable 3.1!

Addteq created Excellentable to try to maximize Confluence’s potential to create functional spreadsheets without having to export any premade tables. Now, Confluence users can create, edit, share, import and export spreadsheets easily.

Recently, Addteq held a webinar showcasing the release of Excellentable’s new version. If you weren’t able to logon to the webinar last week, below is your guide to Excellentable Version 3.1.

How did Excellentable come to be?

Excellentable version 3.1 comes packed with tons of new features and upgrades! Before we get into all of the features, let’s back up to the development of Excellentable’s new version.

Addteq originally created Excellentable in the hopes of improving tables in Confluence so that they more resemble other popular spreadsheet software. Users want the ability to use a spreadsheet inside of Confluence for a long time! Due to the lack of functional spreadsheet add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace, Addteq knew that they had to recreate their original spreadsheet add-on. Now, Excellentable represents a whole new way to use and create spreadsheets within Confluence.

What is included in the new release?

Confluence users understand how difficult it is to import from Google Spreadsheets or Excel and export tables into a Spreadsheets page or an Excel page. With Excellentable, you can intuitively drag and drop any spreadsheet file into your open Excellentable spreadsheet and automatically, the plugin fills in your columns and rows, no matter how big the file. Of course, there are the classic import and export options as well.

A big revolutionary feature to the new version of the Confluence plugin is the fact that it is cloud based. Excellentable is the first spreadsheet plugin available on the Atlassian Marketplace that is completely could based! Version 3.1 fully supports over 250 different types of functions! Now, business teams can perform all of their finance needs right in Confluence, without ever having to leave to work within a ton of different apps! Use all of the same functions as you would in Excel and other spreadsheet platforms.

Excellentable also runs vertically instead of horizontally. Meaning, in Excel for example, you can create a spreadsheet and then add tabs to that spreadsheet. That then becomes one saved Excel document. This is considered to be working horizontally. Working vertically means that a user has to save an Excellentable spreadsheet, go back into their Confluence page, and create a whole new one. When exporting or printing, they are shown as two separate spreadsheet files or tables! This is much easier to work with when dealing with larger spreadsheets.

Excellentable 3.1 is currently available for Confluence Server versions 5.8.2 – 5.8.18 and will soon be available for Confluence Cloud and version 5.9. There are also updated Admin permissions available for extra security features.

Coming Soon to Excellentable!

Within the next few months, Addteq will release more features like support of Confluence 5.9, the ability to share an Excellentable search, spreadsheet themes and so much more! Be sure to be on the lookout for a new feature blog within the next couple of weeks.

We are already receiving tons of feedback and love all of the suggestions! Please leave a review on the Marketplace with your thoughts, feature suggestions and any other feedback you feel we should know about! Addteq will be performing a vote for most wanted features for future updates so please leave your feedback!

Be sure to check out the Atlassian Marketplace where you can find, trial and buy Excellentable!

There is also more information regarding the new version in the documentation area on the Marketplace! Check out the demo video.

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