Supercharge Confluence Tables: Split Cell, Formatting, Formulas and more with Excellentable

We love Confluence, but Confluence tables are limited, and navigating through them can be clunky and time-consuming. Performing small activities in Confluence tables like splitting cell formatting and other small things can take up a lot of time that you can instead spend collaborating with your team. We created Excellentable as a dynamic solution designed to revolutionize the way you manage data in Confluence tables.

Excellentable collaborative editing

Confluence tables are a staple for collaborative work, providing a structured way to organize information. However, their basic features might leave you wanting more. This is where Excellentable steps in, bridging the gap between Confluence and powerful spreadsheet capabilities. This blog details some small features that Excellentable spreadsheet provides that improve the usability of Confluence tables

Confluence tables split cells/merge cells

Splitting cells is a basic feature that Confluence does relatively well, you can easily merge or split cells in Confluence. However, copying a merged cell does not copy the merging format. A quick feature that Excellentable brings to the table is the ability to split or merge cells effortlessly in Confluence. Furthermore, you can paste the copy and paste data to your intended destination with or without the merged format. With Excellentable you can say goodbye to rigid table structures and hello to flexibility.

Advanced Formatting Confluence Tables

Formatting table in a wiki shouldn’t be a hassle. Confluence tables are restricted to a select number fonts, table sizes, and backgrounds. Excellentable empowers you with advanced formatting options that tailor your tables to your needs. From adjusting column widths to customizing cell styles, you have the freedom to create visually appealing and easy-to-read tables.

Formulas for Enhanced Data Analysis

What’s a table in a wiki without any formulas? Excellentable seamlessly integrates formula capabilities within Confluence tables. Perform calculations, analyze data trends, and derive meaningful insights right where your content resides. The synergy between Confluence and Excellentable elevates your data analysis game.

Sort, Filter, and Conquer

Managing large data sets becomes a breeze with Excellentable’s robust sorting and filtering options. Whether dealing with extensive project details or intricate financial data, you can efficiently organize, analyze, and locate information within your Confluence tables.

Other Small Features, Big Impact

Excellentable doesn’t just stop at the big features. It’s the little things that count. Explore a plethora of small yet impactful features that enhance your overall Confluence experience. From easy data import/export to collaborative real-time editing, Excellentable is designed with your workflow in mind.

Take Your Collaboration to the Next Level

In the world of Confluence tables, Excellentable stands out as a powerhouse, transforming how you collaborate and manage data. Embrace the future of spreadsheet integration within Confluence and unlock the full potential of your tables with Excellentable.

Are you ready to revolutionize your Confluence experience? Dive into the world of Excellentable and witness the transformation of your spreadsheets and tables. Start your 30-day trial today!

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