Idea behind Addteq University

Work-from-home and hybrid work arrangements put a spotlight on the importance of employee development. Every organization has its own approach to professional development, and the need is growing stronger every day. Continuous employee development is one of the best ways to adapt to changes in the economy, social trends, labor force, and also technology. 

When fully executed, employee development programs become a path to push the company forward. Numerous surveys among employees and employers confirm that these programs increase employee engagement and morale while simultaneously reducing  attrition. Employee development programs are also desired among candidates and can be used as a value proposition to a job applicant as a recruitment tool.  

Employee training and development starts with onboarding and continues throughout the employee/employer relationship. It is a commitment the organization shows to its current employees as well as for its future new hires. Structured training reduces the onboarding time for new employees, allowing them to rapidly engage with their work and colleagues more meaningfully. This could be training for existing software platforms or the processes followed within certain departments or business units.

With continuous training, existing employees can upgrade their skills to gain internal mobility. The business units can implement new processes quickly or have the agility to do things more efficiently. With internal or external certification programs or targeted training, the required skills can be added in a modular way.

Organizations that implement successful employee training and development will experience benefits from improved engagement, participation, and employee morale. This  is another way employers can show employees that the organization has a plan for each of them to get better. 

At Addteq, we realized that a progressive training and development program will ultimately help the company’s growth. We decided to name our platform “Addteq University” because we wanted our employees to really feel as though they were part of a higher education and development program. This concept will unify the effort in one direction to increase productivity and employee engagement. 

As we build our program, Addteq University, I will share our experience at each step and provide some insights into the future of Addteq. Stay tuned!

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