Cultural changes as a work-from-anywhere organization

How did Addteq’s culture change during and after transitioning to “work-from-anywhere”?? With the sudden shift to remote and hybrid work environments, overall expectations of employees also changed. This transformation is reflected in companies regardless of the industry they are in, their size, and location. 

Having said that, company culture directly influences how we work and how we relate to each other. Before we became fully remote, there was a part of our culture that existed, and still exists today. Addteq’s culture has been collaborative and helpful. Everyone doesn’t hesitate to pitch in, and all hands on deck are common. If you need help, you call out, and others come in to help. 

Another part of our culture has been overall professionalism and respect in general. I feel that anyone can reach out to anybody else without hesitation to communicate any particular reason. This has been a strength of Addteq’s culture.

But there is another aspect of the culture that needs to be nurtured continuously. When we were all in the office, we had a lot more to share everyday. Daily pingpong matches, competitions, and gatherings during lunch are no longer there because of the geographical diversity of our employees. 

When you are in different parts of the country, everyone tends to focus on their work and work may become programmatic. There is no single solution to this. I feel that you need to keep working on it and find different ways to sustain the culture. You need to communicate the vision and goals more often and remind everyone why we are doing this. 

In any case, Addteq’s culture keeps living and endures the time and space. It allows us to keep building on it by working together. 

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