Are You Ready to Level Up Your Enterprise in the Atlassian Cloud?

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It’s Time to Make Your Move

Oh, would you look at the time? We’re well into 2022, and there are less than two years until Atlassian completely discontinues support for its server products. For those still using Atlassian server products, it’s crunch time – if a migration is not actively planned, it should at least be on the medium-term roadmap. Planning is especially critical for Enterprise organizations, which have many users, marketplace apps, and customizations. Of course, just as every organization is unique, every migration is also. As such, migration timelines can vary widely from one organization to the next, depending on the complexity of the migration, the strategy chosen, and the resources allocated to the project. To give you a better idea of where we are, historically, Atlassian Cloud migrations fall into the following timeframes:
  • Up to 1,000 users: ~3 months
  • 1,000 to 5,000 users: ~6 months
  • 5,000+ users: ~9 months+
In other words, an Enterprise-scale migration that begins in May of 2022 (right around the corner) can extend into February of 2023 and beyond. That’s if you start NOW. If you’re still in the planning stages, or if planning has not begun, we strongly recommend putting a plan together in the next few months.

Watch our webinar on Levelling Up Your Enterprise in the Atlassian Cloud here!


Atlassian Cloud – the Ideal Destination for Your Enterprise

You’re probably well aware of the advantages of cloud – increased agility, automatic updates, and robust security, all with no hosting and maintenance overhead. With the Atlassian Cloud, you get immediate access to the latest features, security updates, and more without planning, effort, or downtime. Atlassian manages all aspects of hosting and deployment, freeing you from the enormous responsibilities of maintaining servers, buying and renewing software licenses, data storage, and more. The Atlassian Cloud is faster to set up, easier to manage, scales with your needs, and consistently delivers innovative features automatically.

However, the most compelling benefit of the Atlassian Cloud is that it allows your teams to focus their time, energy, and resources on your core business. You get to choose how you spend your time on the mission-critical things for your business and customers.

Total cost of ownership

The primary goal of any business is to earn and maximize profit, so naturally, business leaders always look to decrease operational costs wherever possible. With that thought in mind, it’s easy to assume the Atlassian Cloud is the more expensive option because, at face value, the licensing costs are higher in the Cloud than they are in a self-hosted environment. However, additional hidden costs for on-prem deployments need to be factored in when comparing the overall prices of the two hosting options.

With an on-prem solution, you are responsible for meeting all of the operational costs, such as:

  • Hardware and software purchases
  • Infrastructure hosting and maintenance
  • Conducting security & privacy audits
  • Providing physical real estate for housing servers
  • Energy use for servers and cooling units

In the Atlassian Cloud, the cost of ownership begins and ends with the subscription cost. Operational costs are Atlassian’s responsibility.

Today, over 90% of Atlassian’s customer base takes advantage of the instant scalability, enterprise-grade data privacy and security, streamlined administration, and deep integrations offered by the Atlassian Cloud. For the remaining 10%, Atlassian teamed up with Forrester to develop a Total Economic Impact™ framework that guides these customers through a deep cost/benefit analysis and features testimonials from decision-makers at companies who have already invested in the Atlassian cloud platform. In this study, Forrester spoke with four customers who have migrated from Atlassian’s server products to Atlassian’s cloud products to conduct a Total Economic Impact analysis commissioned by Atlassian and examine the potential ROI customers may realize by migrating.

Click HERE to download the Forrester TEI report.

Enterprise Features and Security

Atlassian Subscription Plans

There is an Atlassian Cloud subscription plan that’s just right for customers across every company size, industry, or geography. Right now, we will focus on two – Premium and Enterprise. The Enterprise plan includes all Premium plan features and adds enterprise-grade scale, reliability, security, and governance controls to standardize your various Atlassian deployments. Cloud Enterprise also includes Atlassian Access – Atlassian’s enterprise-grade solution for enhanced security and centralized administration at no additional cost.

Premium is backed by a solid foundation of 3 Ss:

  1. 99.9% Service level uptime guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about unplanned downtime
  2. Unlimited Storage, which means no more attachment sizes or limits.
  3. Premium Support, which means you get extra-fast 1 hr response time 24×7 from a dedicated team of experts

With Premium, you also get:

• IP Allowisting – restrict access to Atlassian products based on trusted IP ranges. You can limit access to users on VPN and office networks, even for external collaborators, contractors, and consumers.
• Admin insights – visualizes the number of active users in your organization over time, the rate of growth, and the overall utilization of your tools at any given time.
 Sandboxes – safe, isolated environments you can use to test changes before rolling them out to the production environment.
 Release Tracks – allows you to defer new feature rollout for up to 2 weeks and bundle them together in a single push. While the Atlassian Cloud does provide access to the latest features immediately, in an Enterprise environment, it can be more beneficial to roll changes out at a regular interval, giving admins time to document upcoming changes and prepare end users.
 Archiving – the ability to remove and set aside obsolete content, keeping your instances fresh and decluttered.
 Automation -Set and forget automation rules across as many projects as you like. Save time and scale your work confidently with a couple of clicks.
• Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Software – Plan and deliver cross-team projects and programs more reliably with an eagle eye view over all the work you’re tracking in Jira Software.
 Analytics for Confluence – get engagement insights on your site, spaces, pages, and users to make innovative business and resource decisions.
 Team Calendars for Confluence – lets teams share calendars to keep themselves organized and track who’s doing what and when they plan to do it.
 Insight for Jira Service Management – an asset management tool that lets teams track their assets, configuration items, and resources to understand and visualize the critical relationships between applications, services, their underlying infrastructure, and other key dependencies.

Cloud Enterprise is the highest tier cloud plan for Atlassian’s primary products – Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management. It offers enterprise customers global scale and performance in the cloud, centralized admin controls, and enterprise-grade security. Beyond the capabilities available in the Premium plan, the Enterprise plan includes the following:

 99.95% uptime SLA – the highest, financially backed reliability guarantee from Atlassian ensures customers experience less than 21 minutes of downtime per month.
• Enterprise-grade support – 24×7  dedicated support with a guaranteed 30 min response time and phone support from a team of customer success managers.
 Atlassian Access – an organization-wide subscription that connects your Atlassian cloud products to your identity provider. It enables enterprise-grade authentication features and additional oversight across your company domains.
• Organization Audit Log – as part of Atlassian Access, the organization audit log is a comprehensive log of admin activity that shows the who, what, and when of admin activity., helping you prevent data loss, monitor activity, and control collaboration features.
• Unlimited instances
 – create an unlimited number of product instances to represent independent business units or allow acquired entities to maintain autonomy. You can set up multiple product instances for data segregation or other custom team needs.
• Data residency – you choose where your data is hosted and resides within Atlassian’s global cloud footprint.

Addteq – Your Migration Partner

Atlassian Cloud Migration Steps

Cloud migration isn’t as simple as moving data or applications to the cloud. To be successful, you need to thoroughly assess existing workloads and processes, involve your key stakeholders, and explore your cloud options. You’ll need to plan your strategy, review security, compliance, and support aspects, back up data, and train users on new and improved features. An Atlassian Cloud migration is a significant undertaking. To guarantee success, you need to work with an experienced partner who will be with you every step of the way on your migration journey.

With over 15 years of experience providing custom solutions to many customers, Addteq is here as your Cloud Migration Partner. We have performed many migrations spanning organizations of all sizes, from small, independent businesses to enterprise-level organizations. We have successfully migrated over 500 thousand Atlassian and DevOps users across on-premise and cloud environments.   As your Cloud Migration Partner, we will work closely with you and your teams to assess your current environment, recommend a migration strategy, build and execute a migration plan, and provide support once you have transitioned to the Cloud. If a custom solution is required, we can create one for you that meets your every need.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, Addteq has the industry knowledge and technical experience to work with the full suite of Atlassian products and the vast library of applications these products connect to. We provide a range of accredited Atlassian consulting, migration, and training services, along with integrations and customizations to organizations across all industries. Our advanced knowledge of Atlassian Cloud products, including product configuration expertise, customized solutions, and implementation services, enables us to power innovation for organizations making the most of the Atlassian Cloud.

Our large pool of Atlassian SMEs build partnerships based on mutually beneficial relationships. By investing time, implementing the right resources, and focusing on open communication, our Atlassian experts have what it takes to provide solutions that best fit the needs of your business, regardless of size or type. We’ve been there, and we’ve done this – and we’d love the opportunity to help with your migration.

To get you started, Addteq will provide a FREE Migration Readiness Assessment of your current environment, including license & app assessment, migration steps, major blockers, and much more. This assessment will help you determine:

  1. Which Atlassian Cloud plan – Standard/Premium or Enterprise – best suits your organization
  2. Which apps can be migrated and which you may need to find alternatives for
  3. How you can maintain GDPR or other forms of compliance

Are you ready to level up your Enterprise in the Atlassian Cloud?

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