Is it Time to Move to Atlassian Cloud?

The pressure to develop (and deliver) high-quality software applications in the quickest possible time is contributing immensely to the growing popularity of Atlassian Cloud. Through unmatched reliability, flexibility, and performance features, Atlassian Cloud empowers organizations with all the tools and resources they need to collaborate effectively, build seamlessly, and deliver effortlessly. And capabilities across enterprise-grade security, control, and governance make it all the more lucrative to embrace Atlassian Cloud and keep up with evolving compliance and regulation requirements.  

Key benefits of Atlassian Cloud 

In a cloud-first era, Atlassian Cloud delivers features that enable organizations to future-proof their business while increasing team productivity and delivering value faster.   

Here are some key benefits of Atlassian Cloud: 

  • 99.9% uptime SLA for Cloud Premium and 99.95% for Cloud Enterprise that ensures applications are always up and running.
  • Centralized user billing that simplifies billing structure while assigning users to unlimited instances with a single user interface.
  • Access to latest updates, patches, upgrades, and bug fixes – without downtime or disruption – for an optimized cloud experience. 
  • 24×7 Atlassian support with 30-minute response times for critical issues by a team of expert managers. 
  • Integration with Atlassian Access for secure SAML SSO, automated user provisioning, Active Directory sync, and more. 

When is it time to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

Although migrating to Atlassian Cloud can prove to be beneficial for organizations in the software delivery ecosystem, not all benefit equally from the move. 

Despite the numerous benefits, it makes sense to move to Atlassian Cloud when: 

  1. Organizations want to slash their Capex: Software delivery is a cost-intensive process. As complexity increases, costs increase exponentially, compelling organizations to invest heavily in modern infrastructure, tools, and technologies that contribute massively to Capex. Atlassian Cloud is ideal for those looking to slash their Capex. Atlassian Cloud offers anytime, anywhere access to innovative tools needed for developing cutting-edge software on a pay-as-you-go model and thereby helps in cutting (or even completely eliminating) Capex. It allows organizations to greatly optimize their development costs and achieve higher ROI. 
  2. Existing infrastructure is unable to cope up with the scale: Organizations with products that experience immense growth and popularity often have to be scaled up quickly to meet the sudden increase in demand. However, most on-premise infrastructure is incapable of scaling at a rate that today’s applications demand. Atlassian Cloud is the perfect option for organizations with infrastructure that is unable to cope up with the scale of the modern world. By giving users the freedom to spin up instances as and when and as many as they want, it helps in improving the performance and functionality of growing products while seamlessly overcoming the challenges of scale. 
  3. Organizations want to improve development efficiency: For organizations that want to improve development efficiency, Atlassian Cloud allows teams to get up and running quickly – with limited administrative overhead. Since all administrative tasks with respect to data storage, servers, and maintenance are managed by Atlassian, development teams can drive all their focus on developing cutting-edge software while improving productivity and lowering development costs. 
  4. Immediately getting started with the Atlassian tool ecosystem is a priority: Many organizations need to get started quickly with developing cutting-edge software. For such organizations, Atlassian Cloud provides instant access to the Atlassian tool system that makes it easy to get developing immediately. It is extremely easy to set up – all organizations have to do is create a site, add users, and start leveraging the numerous features of Atlassian Cloud instantly.  
  5. Organizations don’t want to invest in tool maintenance and support: Software delivery organizations end up spending a lot of time in implementing, maintaining, and supporting their DevOps tools. It restricts them from focusing on what matters most to them – developing high-quality software. Atlassian Cloud, is, hence, a great option for organizations that don’t want to invest in tool maintenance and support. Since updates are rolled out automatically and frequently, teams no longer have to worry about purchasing, procuring, implementing, or maintaining complex IT infrastructure.
  6. If governance and compliance are a priority: As data and security regulations get increasingly strict and widespread, organizations are constantly scouting for ways in which they can enhance their security and compliance standing. Atlassian Cloud perfectly fits the bill for organizations where governance and compliance are a priority. It certifies with leading regulatory requirements such as SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more and, hence, ensures that company and customer data is always encrypted, secure, and compliant with required regulations. 
  7. Centralized user management is important: As software delivery teams get larger, managing the growing number of teams spread across geographies gets extremely challenging. For organizations where centralized user management is important, Atlassian Cloud provides a simple way of authenticating and authorizing the growing number of cloud users through Atlassian Access. Access makes it easy for organizations to standardize user management policies, enforce authentication measures, and streamline user and policy management. With features across user management and monitoring, it delivers advanced security capabilities that help enhance the Atlassian Cloud experience while adding the required layer of security for users.  

Deliver Applications – Faster 

In a world where organizations need to constantly embrace tools and technologies that aid in effective and timely software delivery, Atlassian Cloud offers a gamut of modern features that make development a gratifying experience. By providing access to innovative tools and resources, it empowers teams to onboard quickly, reduce software delivery costs, avoid the stress of maintaining complex tools, and drive all efforts in developing cutting-edge, high-quality software. 

Learn how you can quickly migrate to Atlassian Cloud

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