Organizations across the globe are trying to increase their speed of delivery to keep up with evolving customer demands, technological evolution, and market trends. These forces are also putting increased pressure on organizations to increase their capacity to innovate and bring robust, secure, and reliable software products into the market faster. 

It is only when organizations can enable speed of development that they can catch trends (consumer and enterprise) as they emerge, stay ahead of the competition, elevate quality and drive down costs. 

Slow development in such a fast-paced, competitive business landscape is counter-productive, and fast development cycles lead to more innovation and lower costs. 

The Challenge 

Data Center plays a critical role to enable innovation at speed by becoming a powerful enabler of development teams to build better and build faster, especially in the age of DevOps. 

Our client, a leader in the BFSI sector, approached us to assist with the optimization of their Bitbucket Data Center environments, specifically, their Development and Production environments. While both the environments were heavily used, they were unstable and slow and often in need of restarting. 

Upon investigating the problem, we discovered that the Bitbucket version in both environments was woefully out-of-date and end-of-life. The obvious choice was to upgrade the same to the latest enterprise-supported version along with adding several improvements to the application JVM and operating system tuning. 

However, we discovered many challenges hidden in the folds. These were:

The Approach 

The Addteq team did a thorough evaluation of all the dependencies and moving parts. After that, the team prepared a detailed upgrade plan for the production and Dev environments to the latest available Bitbucket version. We also proposed upgrading Git and Elasticsearch and automating the processes as far as possible using Ansible. 

Upgrading the Dev environment was simple and was done employing the Bitbucket Data Center upgrade process. Upgrading the Production environment was more challenging because of its complexity and the need from the client-side for minimal downtime. 

To upgrade the Production environment while keeping all the dependencies and client demands in mind, 

We then proceeded to restore the pre-upgrade configuration of the environment when all of the upgrades were complete. 

The Outcome 

Despite the complex and non-standard configuration of their environment, restrictive separation of duties, and the difficult conditions of the customer’s change management process, Addteq successfully completed this complicated upgrade. 

Our solution was implemented within the specified timeframe and with the least possible downtime. Our client was able to upgrade both Production and Dev environments to the latest version of Bitbucket. While doing so, we also ensured that:

Implementing an upgrade for Atlassian tools is not complicated. However, these need expert assistance when configurations become complicated, and there are legacy systems and processes at play. Being Atlassian Platinum partners gives us the expertise to solve all such complex challenges associated with these tools and deliver greater value to our clients by furnishing the right solution to suit their specific organizational narrative. 


Learn more about Addteq’s Hybrid approach to Atlassian Data Center:

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