Codefactori: Helping Your Business Run More Smoothly in the Long-Term

Companies who look to develop cutting-edge products often rely on modern development and collaboration tools – especially from Atlassian – to carry out activities across the software development lifecycle. 

These tools help them improve the efficiency with which they can plan, build, track, support, and maintain their products and services. But hosting and managing these mission-critical tools is a different ball game altogether. In the absence of a robust platform, organizations can end up with higher costs, IT administration headaches, and potentially crucial downtime. 

An end-to-end solution like Codefactori can provide teams with a fully managed, hosted, and customizable software environment, so they can work the way they want to, without being restricted by the tools they use.

The cost (and complexity) of hosting and managing development tools 

Embracing modern development tools has become unavoidable in today’s complex tech environment. So, organizations resort to using several types of tools to manage their daily operations. Like tools for planning their projects, tracking and fixing issues, coding, building, and shipping software. Modern tools set the stage for improved collaboration, planning, as well as decision-making. 

However, in the race to bring software products as quickly to the market as possible, organizations do not fathom the complexity of hosting and managing these mission-critical tools. Not only is it cumbersome to manually host each of these tools in an on-premises or cloud environment, but it also adds increased costs. Both of these issues take focus away from the core task of developing cutting-edge products and delivering services. 

If not managed properly, these tools can lead to several hours of downtime, which in turn proves to be extremely cost-intensive. According to reports, organizations can end up losing as much $30,000 per year due to downtime. Upgrading and maintaining these tools is another Herculean task, as it is estimated that organizations can incur costs as high as $28,000 per year in upgrading their tools and around $124,800 per year just on maintenance costs. 

How Codefactori helps in the smooth running of the business 

Addteq, offers Codefactori, a complete solution to software development teams for hosting and managing their Atlassian and DevOps tools. Using Codefactori, teams can easily (and effortlessly) manage their entire toolset – without worrying about maintenance, outages, and other roadblocks that stifle productivity and innovation. 

With Codefactori, teams can overcome the challenge of disintegrated workflows and tools, ensure proper configuration and customization of tools, embrace ideal release management best practices, and improve delivery and time-to-market. 

With a hosted and managed solution centered around Atlassian and DevOps tools, here are 5 ways in which Codefactori can help your business run more smoothly in the long-term: 

  1. You choose the combination of tools and add-ons you need: With Codefactori, you do not have to resort to a standard set of tools. It gives you the freedom to use any combination of Atlassian software tools, other DevOps tools, and add-ons that you may need. Since every business is unique and needs a different combination of tools, you can decide which tools are critical for your business, and Codefactori will manage them for you – so you can drive all your focus on building high-quality software and not worry about the complexity of managing your growing toolset. 
  2. You get to streamline your costs: Setting up development tools often requires organizations to invest in the underlying infrastructure, as well as the costs to host, manage, and upgrade the tools over time. However, Codefactori, being a fully managed solution, eliminates all capital expenditure: no costs of hardware, no investments in data centers, and none for regular maintenance and upgrades as well. In addition, since all applications running on Codefactori are monitored (and backed up) 24/7, the chances of incurring costs due to data loss are also minimized. 
  3. You get the highest level of protection: Security is often a major concern when using tools that are hosted in the cloud. But with Codefactori, you can rest assured. The platform provides enterprise-grade security and is designed to ensure the highest level of protection of your data. Since all communication between your team and Codefactori is over SSL and all applications are constantly updated with the required Security Advisory, you can continue to drive efforts in areas that matter the most and not get bogged down by critical data getting compromised. 
  4. You get insights on how you can optimize your release process: Managing a growing set of complex tools comes with its own share of challenges. Teams often struggle to make the most of the features and find it impossible to deal with outages. Codefactori allows software teams to be free of restrictions, outages, and other obstacles that come in the way of successful development. When combined with Addteq’s DevOps professional services, teams can receive critical insights and techniques on how they can make the most of the tools to optimize their release process.
  5. You get to scale your business without being restricted by your tools: teams that experience a decent amount of growth often find it difficult to scale their business. This is mainly because of the inflexibility of tools to cater to higher demand. Codefactori gives you the flexibility to work (and scale) efficiently – without being restricted by their tools. You can customize your tool ecosystem to keep up with your evolving business needs and seamlessly carry out integrations, workflow customizations, triggers, and more.  

Want to build high-quality software without worrying about managing your constantly evolving toolset?

Focus on your customers and product, not on your tools and infrastructure!

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