6 Compelling Reasons to Use Atlassian Data Center for Your Mission-Critical Applications

Embracing Atlassian tools to manage complex tasks across the SDLC is a preferred choice for fast-growing software teams. Most organizations begin their Atlassian journey by opting for Atlassian Server products, with benefits like better visibility, richer integration, easier customization, better compliance, and more control over data and infrastructure. However, when it comes to seamlessly scaling applications or ensuring high availability or uptime, Atlassian Server may not fit the bill. The limited resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities compel organizations to look for greener pastures. 

Thankfully, organizations do not have to look far, Atlassian Data Center delivers capabilities that enable them to overcome most of the limitations, from high scalability to better availability, minimized downtime to enhanced performance. Here are 7 compelling reasons to use Atlassian Data Center for your mission-critical applications: 

1- Ensure seamless scalability: One of the first challenges maturing organizations face is scaling their mission-critical applications. As organizations grow or become globally distributed, the ability to scale is what defines success in the long run. 

Atlassian Data Center allows teams to set up products in a multi-node environment and enjoy anytime, anywhere access to the resources they need as they grow. Horizontal scaling allows teams to easily add nodes in a cluster and scale horizontally. The load balancer routes and distributes incoming traffic across nodes in a cluster, allowing the instance to support more concurrent users – without causing any performance issues or downtime. 

2- Enjoy high availability and uptime of applications: Another challenge that growing organizations face is ensuring high uptime and availability for their applications. Given how mission-critical some applications can be, organizations need to have strong disaster recovery capabilities in place to avoid applications being down for extended periods of time. 

Atlassian Data Center’s active-active clustering feature ensures high availability of applications while allowing uninterrupted access – even during infrastructure upgrades. Teams have access to the tools they need to do their job while allowing each instance of an application to run independently, without causing any cascading effect on other nodes or clusters. Moreover, zero-downtime upgrades allow nodes to work on different versions, so they remain fully functional even during an upgrade process. 

3- Enhance the performance of applications: Organizations that need to seamlessly handle their growth rate also need to maintain (or enhance) the performance of their applications – especially as users are geographically dispersed across the world. Any delay experienced when trying to access applications can adversely impact the end-user experience. 

Atlassian Data Center supports a Content Delivery Network or CDN – a globally distributed network of servers that helps curtail delays related to content loading. By reducing the physical distance between teams and the servers in which content is stored, it helps in accelerating response times. In addition, the rate-limiting feature allows automatically regulating traffic, helping improve the performance of applications.

4- Enjoy deployment flexibility: Organizations need flexibility in terms of infrastructure deployment options, so they can easily meet the requirements of their growing business. As teams grow in size and become more distributed, they also need to be able to create consistent environments and accelerate the process of software upgrades. 

Atlassian Data Center enables teams to deploy tools using IaaS and leverage a range of out-of-the-box managed services to streamline configuration and maintenance tasks. They can also easily create consistent environments by replicating application nodes across any hardware, using Docker container images, and by adding additional nodes that match the nodes that have already been built. 

Atlassian Data Center approved apps are built keeping highly available, clustered environments in mind. Since each app undergoes a rigorous technical review process, it helps confirm the ability to perform at a standard that matches a Data Center environment. As these apps are purpose-built for Data Center environments, they are sure to meet the performance, availability, scalability, and flexibility requirements of modern, maturing organizations. 

5- Keep up with compliance requirements: Atlassian Data Center offers a gamut of security and compliance capabilities that help enterprise organizations address these challenges with ease. Advanced auditing and allow-listing features deliver visibility and security-relevant records. It enables organizations to adhere to corporate policies around security or compliance and provides insights into how to improve compliance and security while eliminating manual audit tasks.

6- Modern and effective user management: Managing the growing number of users has always been a struggle for organizations – especially when it comes to user authentication and authorization. Ensuring secure access is paramount to the safety of the business. 

Atlassian Data Center is built with leading standards such as OAuth 2.0 and SAML that help establish streamlined and secure user management. Simple and secure authorization, flexible authentication, and easy user provisioning make user management a breeze. Data Center provides a strong base layer for authentication while supporting a range of authentication protocols such as SAML and OIDC. 

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