Jumpstart Your Atlassian Data Center and Scale to New Heights

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt first introduced the world to the idea of ‘cloud computing’ in 2006, enterprise operations began the slow, but inevitable march from on-premise servers to the cloud. 

Through our partnership with Atlassian, Addteq offers a jumpstart Data Center package via our Codefactori Enterprise solution that combines: 

  1. A SaaS version of hosting on the cloud. 
  2. An on-prem version that can be installed directly to your company’s infrastructure.

Both versions offer the same suite of tools, giving you the control to host and manage them yourself or by allowing Addteq to manage things from our end. 

However, while every business can benefit from cloud solutions, there are some industries that require a more unique and innovative approach to their network infrastructure.

Due to industry restrictions, banks and financial services aren’t allowed to operate exclusively in the cloud. While government regulations and oversight prevent them from off-loading the hosting and management of these tools to third-party organizations like Addteq, there is a way for companies in these restrictive industries to take advantage of the features offered by the cloud version of Codefactori while still maintaining the autonomy provided by on-prem deployment.

Our Codefactori Enterprise solution provides the automated lifecycle management of Data Center tools similar to our SaaS Codefactori hosting, which can be deployed using a customer’s on-premise or cloud infrastructure. This provides your organization with the benefits of both cloud-based and on-premise solutions – a hybrid approach. 

Scaling Up with Atlassian Data Center 

Depending on your current state of technology, you probably have a few Atlassian tools at your disposal. They may have been deployed on a limited basis to provide solutions to simple functions, but as your business has grown, they’ve been adopted more widely throughout your organization without the right level of support. This kind of growth can be detrimental to the system as it becomes more difficult to keep up with demand.   

This is where Atlassian Data Center can help your organization. Providing high availability and automatic failover, Data Center can scale up with your business, offering new features, low latency, and ideal response times. This provides better productivity while allowing for more flexibility so your network can adapt to new demands.  

Technically speaking, if all of your infrastructure and tools are running on a single server and that server gets corrupted or has some other issue, you’re going to suffer from unproductive downtime as the issue is resolved. However, with Atlassian Data Center, you can run applications across multiple components with redundancy, meaning you don’t have a single point of failure.

After Atlassian Data Center has been deployed, you can temporarily scale up during specific periods of extensive traffic by adding more application nodes, giving you the flexibility you need to meet your demands, and to maintain your budget. 

The Hybrid Approach

A hybrid approach to Data Center provides you the flexibility of control when using the toolset while allowing you to manage certain components yourself. For example, you can host on Codefactori Enterprise, using the built-in automation features to deploy Data Center dev tools on your own AWS or Azure infrastructure. Codefactori Enterprise gives you the ability to create dev tests and sandbox environments simply by cloning the production environment. 

By managing the underlying infrastructure yourself, you can meet all of your security and compliance requirements. You’ll also benefit from the automation provided by the cloud-based tools – all at the push of a button – which is especially helpful if your business is experiencing growth.

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