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As your organization grows and matures, you will continue to face increasingly complex challenges.  To counter this, you need a solution that will empower your teams while you manage the growing pains that come with scaling up. 

While Atlassian Data Center offers the control and innovation to support your business, you can upgrade your experience with Codefactori On-Prem, an Atlassian Data Center Jumpstart package offered exclusively from Addteq. 

How Codefactori On-Prem Offers Control and Innovation for Enterprise Organizations

Codefactori On-Prem provides installation, automation, and agility to new or existing Atlassian Data Center toolsets. Developed for mid to enterprise-level organizations, the On-Prem solution allows you to quickly create a data center environment while providing security, availability, and flexibility for your business. 

What can you expect to get from Codefactori On-Prem?

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Enterprise Compliance

First and foremost, when you’re integrating a new software solution into your network, keeping in line with all local, state, and federal laws isn’t just a good idea - it’s mandatory. With user repository, identity access management, network monitoring, and backups, Addteq goes above and beyond to comply with all legal and industry standards so you keep your company, your customers, and your stakeholders safe.

Concierge Onboarding

Enterprise deployments can be very challenging - integration, data migration, and security are just a few of the issues you may come across. The Codefactori On-Prem jumpstart package offers concierge onboarding assistance to make your transition seamless and easy by providing end-to-end installation of your Data Center tools. Our engineers will engage stakeholders to ensure successful deployment and hand-off. Plus, we’ll work with your security and compliance teams prior to deployment to address any concerns you have. 


Take full control of all of your Data Center instances from the management dashboard. Codefactori On-Prem allows you to manage all of your Data Center tools during shutdowns, restarts, and upgrades, giving you the ability to spin up and tear down instances automatically. Plus, Addteq’s Codefactori solution protects you by operating fully behind the firewall, easily meeting compliance and security mandates. All of this equates to improved process efficiency, lower costs, and improved opportunities.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Downtime of critical applications such as the Atlassian tools can cost your company dearly. To fully understand the cost, let’s consider the numbers if you operate a data center with 500 users. 

  1. At $60 per hour, a single hour of downtime will cost you $30,000.
  2. The average upgrade will take 480 hours, costing you $28,800.
  3. Annual maintenance, from one full-time resource, will run approximately 2,080 hours or $124,800.

All together, Codefactori On-Prem can potentially save you up to $183,600 per year*, while keeping your enterprise deployment up and running through Zero Downtime Upgrades. Plus, you’ll get automated management of the latest upgrades and required maintenance, allowing you to take full advantage of the total functionality of your data center. 


With success comes growth and you need to be able to manage your growing infrastructure so you can remain competitive and efficient. Make your data center tools easier to scale and manage by having Addteq manage your Data Center Orchestration. By automating this process, you can scale your business with no interruptions from necessary upgrades and modifications, improving the quality of your work and the reputation of your company.


Codefactori On-prem significantly reduces human errors by automating the application lifecycle including simplifying the upgrade process to a push-button step. However, it is unrealistic for avoiding post-setup/upgrade issues all the time. Codefactori On-Prem offers you 24/7 technical support so you can address any issues quickly and efficiently. With an online support portal that allows you to open and track trouble tickets and live chat support, you’ll be able to easily resolve most issues with our assistance. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Atlassian Data Center Solution?

With enterprise compliance, concierge onboarding, zero downtime upgrades, scalability, control, and support, the Codefactori On-Prem jumpstart package from Addteq is the perfect option to install, automate, upgrade and improve your new or existing Atlassian Data Center toolsets. 

Remove the obstacles that hinder your business’ success and let your development teams work the way they want to - without being restricted by their tools. 

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