Facing these challenges? It’s time to migrate to Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian tools enjoy widespread adoption across the world. With a portfolio of products such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more, it is natural for organizations to implement these tools to boost their software delivery results. Many organizations choose  Atlassian Server products because they allow them to have the reigns over their data and infrastructure. Although Atlassian Server offers many benefits to organizations, as instances grow in size and complexity, the server fails to keep up. 

It’s time to migrate to Atlassian Data Center 

Atlassian Data Center is built for teams and optimized for scale, it empowers teams with modern features, so they can enable seamless collaboration, achieve horizontal scalability, and drive success without interruption. 

Wondering if it’s time to migrate to Atlassian Data Center? Here are some hints: 

  1. The number of users accessing Atlassian applications grows beyond 1000: For organizations witnessing tremendous growth in the usage of the tools, using server instances to build products and deliver services puts a lot of load on them. Not only does the rate of growth become too much for the server environment to handle, but organizations also lose out on a lot of modern features they need to meet their objectives. Downtime and performance bottlenecks can be expensive and highly disruptive for day to day operations. So, if the number of users accessing Atlassian applications grows beyond 1000, you should think of moving to Atlassian Data Center. 
  2. High scalability is needed: In a digital world where the demand for cutting-edge products is at an all-time high, building products that are highly scalable is the only way to keep up. It is not feasible to rely solely on vertically scaling the infrastructure. High scalability and reliability are best achieved when scaling horizontally while eliminating single points of failure. Atlassian Data Center is an ideal choice in situations where high scalability is needed. 
  3. Need for high availability and uptime: In addition to high scalability, if you realize your products also need to meet the high availability and uptime standards, it is a good idea to move to Atlassian Data Center. Since upgrades and system maintenance are known to cause varying levels of downtime, the active-active clustering in Atlassian Data Center gives teams uninterrupted access even during upgrades and search re-indexing.
  4. You want to reduce the administration overhead: Moving to Atlassian Data Center is a great way to reduce administrative overhead. Offering advanced capabilities in several areas including security, compliance, user management, infrastructure automation, reliability, and more, with Atlassian Data Center, you can take administration load off your shoulders. 
  5. You need more secure authentication protocols and advanced auditing: As products grow in size and complexity, they need more secure authentication protocols. Data Center enables enterprises and regulated industries to meet compliance by offering advanced auditing capabilities around the usage of the tools. Also, it ensures SAML 2.0 compatibility out of the box for satisfying the requirements to integrate with approved identity provider for authentication. 
  6. You need Content Delivery Network (CDN) support: When the user base expands across geographies, poor performance of products becomes a common challenge. However, a Content Delivery Network can help in improving user experience substantially. Atlassian Data Center provides built-in CDN support that allows you to provide consistent response time for users across the globe. In addition, you can also reduce the peak load on the application infrastructure and boost performance all around. 
  7. Cost-effectiveness: Another major reason why you should opt for Atlassian Data Center is if you’re looking for cost-effectiveness. Downtimes for mission-critical tools are expensive since most of the organizations rely on them for their work. Every minute of downtime can add up to thousands of dollars of loss in productivity. Data Center allows you to unleash the power of the features offered by the tools while minimizing the cost of expensive downtimes. Data Center offers you the freedom to deploy applications on-premise or with third-party managed hosting vendors like Codefactori to best suit your company’s existing investments. Because Data Center products come with a suite of advanced features, they are ideal for enterprises looking to cut costs managing your mission-critical Atlassian deployments.

Ensure scalability and performance 

Atlassian products experiencing continued growth and success need a lot more than traditional server instances to thrive. They need the features and capabilities of the Atlassian Data Center to perform well at scale and with minimum downtime. 

Not all organizations have the expertise to deploy, manage, and support Atlassian Data Center based on best practices. Codefactori is Addteq’s solution for offering a fully managed Atlassian hosting platform that offers the best of both worlds in terms of leveraging best practices of Cloud infrastructure deployment while offloading the support as a leading Atlassian certified Platinum partner. Codefactori provides the most price-effective way of deploying Atlassian Data Center for your organization!

Partner with an expert like Addteq to move to Atlassian Data Center. Since applications that grow in size are mission-critical to every team’s success, move to Atlassian Data Center to ensure consistent performance, scale as needed, and reduce application downtime.

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