How Businesses can be a #ForceforGood- Addteq’s Response to COVID-19

This May 5th, organizations around the world are coming together for #GivingTuesdayNow, a new global day that celebrates generosity and unity in response to COVID-19. As a Pledge 1% member, Addteq has committed to leveraging our assets to have an impact, and now–more than ever–we are rallying our teams and partners to give back.

The first thing Addteq did in response to the pandemic was providing our team the ability to work from home. Being a leader in the DevOps industry allowed us to easily implement the trends, like cloud hosting, to maximize collaboration amongst the entire global team.

Our CEO, Sukhbir Dhillon explains further, “Earlier this decade we pivoted to cloud products and services. When we all walked out of work on March 11th, we didn’t have to do anything special to enable our employees to work from home. Our natural design helped us stay distanced while remaining as one team working together. Our consistent touchpoints and best practices enabled our team to provide the best Addteq experience to our customers during this difficult time.”

By allowing virtual gatherings during this mandated work from home time, Addteq has seen an increase in team morale. We are also noticing that new ideas are being surfaced daily from other team members. Addteq implemented a bi-weekly Friday all-hands meeting where our founders, Sukhbir Dhillon and Amanda Deol, fill the team in on the latest Addteq information and offer some lighter conversation opportunities. We also have daily stretch/coffee breaks, monthly beer & brag sessions and we are working on a virtual ping-pong tournament. (Ping-pong is sort of our thing!)

“Although many companies have struggled to accommodate changes due to impacts from Covid-19, Addteq is fortunate to have processes in place which allowed us to transition to fully remote work seamlessly. During these “quarantimes” our HR team remains in contact with our employees and hosts weekly virtual gatherings, while our customer-facing teams remain readily available.” – Hayley Rubins-Topoleski- Chief Accounting Officer

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the definition of normal for the entire world. At Addteq, with all the employees globally working remotely, we have come closer to each other as an organization. We have our amazing teams working hard and positively to achieve better customer service satisfaction in these difficult times and helping all our customers in every way possible.” – Sneha Sheth – Chief Delivery Officer

Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus and the theory of gravity while being quarantined during the bubonic plague?

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