Addteq’s Pledge Through the Years – #GivingTuesday 2019

Iris Foundation, on behalf of Addteq, is proud and excited to spend another #GivingTuesday with Pledge 1% and Room to Read! Back in 2015, Addteq joined Pledge 1%‘s initiative to Pledge 1% of our product’s profit to sponsor a university scholarship for underprivileged students. 

Here at Addteq, we are strong believers in giving back to the community. We launched our own philanthropy effort, the Iris Foundation, shortly after joining Pledge 1%. The purpose of the Iris Foundation is to help provide scholarships to students who are smart enough to become engineers but not privileged enough to pay for school fees. We believe every child deserves to become what they want to be. Read more about the scholarship initiative below! 

About Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global movement to create a new normal where giving back is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes and stages.

After 3 consecutive years of 150% growth, the Pledge 1% community now consists of over 5000 members in over 100 countries. Together, members have already ignited over 500 million dollars of new philanthropy, and we are just getting started. At the heart of Pledge 1% is their member community. This includes contributing to content development, providing input on strategic direction, increasing awareness (“permission” for other companies to participate), and engaging in the type of peer-to-peer interactions that will enhance and encourage corporate philanthropy.

Join Pledge 1% Builder’s Network with Addteq

Addteq joined the Pledge 1% builder’s network in November 2018. Pledge 1%  Builders, is a group of companies that are investing in the future of Pledge 1%.

We are excited to be part of the core funders and builders who are not only making a direct impact with their own social impact programs but also committed to building the Pledge 1% movement and propelling thousands of other companies to accelerate social impact globally. Builders are the future of the Pledge 1% movement. Builders serve as thought leaders, advisors, and supporters to the initiative. They enable Pledge1% to educate and empower the community and drive impact at scale. Read more

Addteq’s Pledge in Practice

Addteq’s Pledge 1% initiative is to donate 1% of our product’s (Excellentable & Unstoppable) revenue to sponsor underprivileged students. A few of our employees at Addteq even donate 1% of their paycheck to the Iris Foundation and Room to Read to help fund community initiatives.

Some of our other recent activities include:  

 •   We are with Women 

 •   Spotlight on #BeBoldForChange Campaign at Addteq

 •   Giving Back to Community: Addteq’s Story

 •   Small first steps turn into a search for Einsteins

 •   A Transformational time for women around the world

 •   World Read Aloud Day from an Enterprise DevOps Engineer 

 •   Fundraiser with book author Oanh Ngo and Room to Read’s New Jersey Chapter to celebrate International Day of Women. 

And, we continue to expand the Pledge 1% program within our company culture. “During new employee orientation, we host a welcome breakfast new team members. During the welcome breakfast, I host an impact activity: (thank you to Amy Lesnick, CEO of Pledge 1%,  for giving me this idea), we have a canvas in the office and during breakfast, the new employees receive information about Pledge 1% and Room to Read and other giving back programs/initiatives.”  –  Amanda Deol, Partner at Addteq

Addteq’s 2019 Scholarship Beneficiary

Addteq wanted to offer the opportunity to continue education with a tuition reimbursement program and flexible work schedules. Two of the three recipients of the Iris Foundation Scholarship were women.

We are also proud to announce our 2019 recipient, Nair Vaishakh Vijaykumar! He is a third-year, Electronics and Telecommunication student that has been paying his own fees for the last three years. He comes from a single mother home in India with very little means.

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