Modernizing Capabilities: How an Automated Cloud Hosting Platform Can Give Your Team the Visibility It Needs

Improve Data Visibility To Save Your Company Money 

Businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud. One 2018 study found that 96% of companies now use cloud technology. Moving your systems to the cloud brings many benefits—if you do it right. For companies that choose the right cloud hosting platform, one of the most meaningful improvements the switch can bring is increased visibility into data that affects your bottom line. 

3 Ways Improved Visibility Saves You Money

Gaining easier access to important information can be a game-changer for your company. In particular, a good cloud hosting product should improve visibility in these three key areas.

 1. Backup frequency

Managing backups on physical servers can be time-consuming enough that businesses sometimes start to let it slide, only backing up once a day or less. Daily backups may sound good enough until you really start to think about it. 

Every day each of your employees puts in eight hours of work. If you have 1,000 employees, that’s approximately 8,000 hours of work they put in during one day. If you experience a system failure and lose everything that wasn’t included in the last backup, those 8,000 hours of labor you lose have a very real cost—each one of those employees is being paid for their time. The bigger the business, the more time and money lost in this scenario. 

With the right cloud system, you gain the ability to run more frequent backups and monitor them to make sure you’re as up-to-date as you want to be.

2. Uptime

Your employees depend on technology to do their jobs. Every time a crucial business app goes down, productivity suffers. As with backups, the math on this can be illuminating. Multiply every hour of downtime by the number of employees that couldn’t do their job and a system that experiences downtime can incur some staggering costs for your business.

With a cloud hosting platform that closely tracks uptime, you gain visibility into just how much time you’re losing. Not only can you better track the productivity costs, but it will also help you identify any issues causing downtime so you can get to work fixing it.

3. Response times

As more people try to access the same apps, the time it takes the technology to respond can grow little by little. Employees may get used to waiting a few seconds every time they try to open an app necessary for their job and fail to account for just how much time they are losing in the process.

A cloud hosting platform can help you track those seconds so you start to see how much time your employees are losing to unnecessary waiting and can figure out how to fix it. You may be surprised at how quickly the time adds up. A few seconds here and there when spread across thousands of employees multiple times a day could be costing you valuable hours of work. 

How to Improve Visibility at Your Company

To gain meaningful visibility in all of these areas, you only need to take one step: invest in the right cloud hosting platform. 

When moving to the cloud, or switching your cloud hosting provider, look for a tool that promises:

  • Frequent backups – Daily backups are a bigger risk than they seem. For a personal computer, they may seem good enough, but for a business employing thousands, the cost of losing a day’s work is too high. A cloud hosting platform can enable much faster, easier backups so it only makes sense to do it frequently. Look for a cloud hosting option that can promise 30-minute automatic backups for greater peace of mind. 
  • Uptime monitoring – When an app goes down, every minute your team loses access costs you. With a cloud platform, uptime monitoring can be automated. Bots are programmed to continually check the system every few minutes in all relevant locations, so you get a notice right away if the system goes down anywhere. 
  • Response time tracking – When apps start to slow down, you want to know about it before it affects worker productivity. The right cloud hosting platform will aggressively monitor response time. When your apps are slowing due to the amount of usage, you can take appropriate measures to scale the system and get response times back to where you need them. 

Codefactori Provides Visibility

Moving to the cloud only delivers this level of useful visibility if you choose the right platform for it. Codefactori promises:

  • 30-minute automatic backups to minimize loss in the case of disaster
  • Response-time monitoring so you can scale your system as needed to maintain productivity
  • Consistent uptime monitoring so you know right away when your system’s down and your team can root out the cause

Codefactori supplies the data you need to track performance and respond more quickly to issues as they arise.

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