Introducing Excellentable 4.0

A long-time has passed since the last major release of Excellentable, and in that time Addteq has implemented many updates which will change the way you work with spreadsheets in Confluence for the better. In this version you may note that the front end is very similar to the versions that you have used in the past, however, behind the scenes, significant changes have been made that will dramatically improve your overall experience.

Faster and Reliable

Utilizing an updated version of spreadJS, Excellentable is now faster and resolves a lot of minor issues. Significant improvements have been implemented for performance and collaborative editing, and PDF Exports are much smoother.  You may now work in environments with reduced connectivity without having to worry about a loss of work product.

Increased Frequency of Updates

One of the biggest changes Excellentable 4.0 provides is the ability to deliver updates more frequently. Some of the key features you will see in the next few months are:

  • Data Validation: Reduce human errors in data entry and record reliable data.
  • Conditional Formatting: Format cells in your spreadsheet according the the values stored.
  • Graphs and Charts: Summarize and beautify confluence with Excellentable.
  • Collaborative editing behind firewall: No need to connect to an external server to collaborate with your team. 

What features do you want to see in Excellentable?

Do you have a wish list of Excellentable feature requests?  If you would like to see any changes you would like us to make you can submit your feedback here or enter a comment below.

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