Health clinic dazzles customers with amazing service in Jira Service Desk

Addteq recently had the opportunity to help the finance team of a health clinic that serves nearly one million people to revolutionize their service to both internal and external customers, using Jira Service Desk and Confluence. 

The Situation

The finance team was split into two smaller teams, one for internal customers for things like payroll, reimbursements, and W2s; and the other for external customers for things like external vendor setup and invoices. Both teams were servicing requests via email and phone, with each team utilizing their own shared email inbox where they received requests and followed up on them. 

The Opportunity

As you can imagine, this situation allowed very few options for effectively tracking work and understanding workload, while the potential for tasks to get lost or forgotten was uncomfortably high. Without an effective way to measure workload and track work, even teams drowning in work while doing their best can experience difficulty giving credible justification for more resources to ease their burden. What all of this ultimately leads to, however, is a poor experience for the customer. Without proper tracking, and with no option for self-help, the customer experience is doomed to be one of long waits, lost emails, and forgotten requests.

The Solution

Jira Service Desk, integrated with Confluence as a knowledge base, was the perfect solution to a situation like this. With Addteq’s expertise, the finance team was in a great position to implement a well-designed service desk to improve not only the customer’s experience, but also the experience of the agents servicing requests. Addteq helped the finance team identify their needs and their pain points, and using this knowledge, designed a Jira Service Desk implementation that not only met but exceeded the expectations of the customer. With custom workflows, request types, approvals, reports, Service Level Agreements, request queues, integration with each team’s email inbox for automatic request creation via email, and integration with a Confluence knowledge base allowing customers to self-help, the finance team was positioned for a huge win. 

The Win

Once the finance team was trained to use and administrate their shiny, new service desk, and after several iterations of testing and refinements based on agent feedback, the two new service desks in Jira Service Desk were ready to go live. The response to Jira Service Desk, by customers, agents, and management alike, was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The finance team felt confident in the deployment of their new Jira Service Desk tool.
  • In the first seven business days after the Service Desk go-live date, both service desks brought in a total of 760 requests.
  • At the same time, the Customer Satisfaction Report for the Service Desks showed a combined total of over 75 reviews, many with glowingly positive comments.
  • The Service Desk’s Customer Satisfaction Reports also showed scores of 4.8 and 4.9 out of 5 respectively.

Jira Service Desk is the premier customer service desk solution, and with Addteq’s expertise in design and deployment, the quality of your customer service is destined to skyrocket. 

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