Advanced Tables by Bobswift vs Excellentable for Confluence

One of the original and most popular macro for enhancing tables is BobSwift’s Advanced Tables. Advanced Tables installs four different macros in your Confluence and JIRA instances, that helps you create dynamic tables with excellent display. 

However, there are significant advantages of using Excellentable over Advanced tables.

Get started right away

Excellentable looks, feels and behaves similarly to the most common spreadsheet functions, so you can get started right away.

You can import and export an Excel or Google Sheets file directly into Confluence with Excellentable using both .csv and .xlsx formats. Need to export the data, but also all of the formulas and formatting too? Not a problem! With Excellentable, you can import outside spreadsheets knowing all of your formatting and set formulas will stay in tact.

Over 400 Formulas

Use your favorite and most used formulas just like Excel or Google Sheets! Simply begin by writing a formula and Excellentable will automatically generate the correlating formula!

Furthermore, Excellentable has extensive documentation that allows you to find help for any formula with a simple click of a button.

Gorgeous Display

You can choose to display your Excellentable in Confluence in the format you choose. Create and change the formatting with our advanced formatting functions and have them show in you Confluence page. You can choose to show/hide the spreadsheet gridlines, for example. Finally, the formatting is preserved with both native Confluence and Scroll PDF export.

Collaborative Editing

Excellentable is the only spreadsheet app in Confluence that allows collaborative editing. A lot of the time, data needs to be inputted by multiple users at the same time. Beginning with the release of collaborative editing in Confluence from Atlassian, Excellentable allows you to also edit collaboratively. With a collaborative tool like Confluence, concurrent editing is a must.

Keep an eye out! Addteq has plans for Excellentable to have even more collaborative features released soon.

Want to give it a try?

Excellentable is trusted by industry leaders like: Bank of America, Coca Cola, Charter Communications, Mazda, Samsung, Major League Baseball, Dell, US Department of Defense and many more.

Click here to start your free trial today!

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